Diabetes Reversal Tips


I am Simran Kaur working in a marketing agency as a senior marketing analyst. I am 38 years old and living in Bangalore, Karnataka.

There are three members in my family, my husband, and two children. And today, I want to share my experience with sugar.

fit’s diabetes reversal program, which helped me to live a healthy life by managing my blood glucose level.

Pre and Post - Sugar. fit

When I started my sugar fit program, my hbA1c level was 8.3%, and my fasting blood glucose level was 250 mg/dl.

After enrolling in the Sugar Fit diabetes reversal program, my hbA1c level was recorded at 5.5%, with my fasting blood sugar being around 100 mg/dl.

How did I come to know that I have Diabetes?

2 years ago, during the lockdown period of COVID-19, when I was working from home, I gained so much weight due to the lack of physical activities.

After a few months, I started to feel lethargic, like I didn't want to work for a longer duration, palpitation, sweating, frequent urination, and dizziness all the time.

Then I consulted with a physician and underwent a usual health checkup.

At that time, my blood glucose level was 400 mg/dl; thus, I was diagnosed as diabetic. That situation was very disturbing.

Because diabetes is one of those conditions you can not cure. And then I learned about all the risk factors it has like kidney diseases and diabetic foot kind of dreadful conditions.

What Symptoms did I have?

At the very start, I felt nausea and dizziness all the time, frequent urge to eat something, a lack of energy, and weakness.

That was disturbing when I had many things to figure out, but my health did not cope.

I was on that boat and lost all my hopes because, at that time, I knew that I could not reverse my diabetes and had to spend my whole life figuring out my health chaos.

How did I Come to know about sugar fit?

I was battling with my diabetic symptoms, my family, and my life. Then I decided to search for a solution.

I searched on Google and asked my doctor and my friends. Then I came to know about Sugar Fit through their Instagram ad. I was tired of taking medicines after every meal.

I just wanted to get rid of those medications and my lethargic condition. So I decided to give it a try. And that was one of the best decisions of my life.

CGM Device Experience

They put a CGM, or continuous glucose monitoring device, under my arm at the beginning of the program.

It automatically tracked my glucose level without pricking a glucometer's needle on my finger.

I could see my real-time glucose level with a CGM device so that I have a fair idea of what I am eating and how it impacts my blood glucose level.

How did the Sugar Fit program impact my health?
Diet Adaptation

Before opting for sugar fit, I was the kind of person who could not resist good food. It does not mean how many carbs or calories it has.

But, After opting for the program, I am much more conscious about what I am eating and how it will affect my body.

They asked about my eating habits and my choices. And then, they provided me with a diet plan, which I loved.

It does not force me to eat something I do not like. You can say it is kind of fun to eat healthy now.

Initially, I felt it a little challenging to give up on my favorite sweets and other food items, but the fitness coaches of Sugar Fit helped me to give up on unhealthy food items and opt for healthy food habits.

Weight management

At the start of the Sugar Fit program, my weight was around 70 kgs; now, I am 59 kgs. In the beginning, I felt it was challenging to work out daily.

They started with the endurance-building exercise regime for 15-20 minutes, and now I am working out for an hour daily in the morning.

My goal is to achieve 55 kgs after a month. The Sugar Fit program reverses not only my diabetes but also my age. I can say because now I look much more fit and younger than before.

Workout Regime

They asked about my exercise preferences, like Yoga, Cycling, or resistance training. I choose Yoga and resistance training in the gym.

At the start, I felt like giving up on the program and returning to the medication. But my coach counseled me not to give up on the routine I started following.

And after 3 months, the exercise routine and the healthy diet have become part of my daily routine.

Now, if I am not doing a workout for any reason, I feel like something is missing from my day.

Lifestyle Modification

The coach taught me how I can follow a healthy lifestyle like early sleeping and managing my time for every meal etc.


Before a few months, I was dependent on medications, but now, I rarely take any medication for diabetes.

My dependency on medications has reduced drastically, which is a positive shift towards a better lifestyle.

How was my experience with the sugar fit?

A sugar fit app is an excellent tool for all the requirements a person could have for diabetes management.

It helped me to keep a track record of my entire day by monitoring my daily calorie intake.

I can book my appointment with my doctor or daily coach sessions on the app.

It is a user-friendly app to keep an eye on my progress that helped me to shift toward a healthy life.

Can I say that Diabetes is reversible or not?

Yes! From my personal experience, I can say that diabetes can be reversed. All you need is – willpower and the support system that pushes you to be the best of yourself.

In my case, my support was in the form of a sugar-fit team of doctors and lifestyle coaches, which made me feel happy about the decision I took to lead a better life.

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