Things Your Doctor Wants You to Know About Testosterone

When it comes to a man's virility, a hormone produced principally by the male body plays a significant role in maintaining it, that is the Testosterone hormone. This hormone’s effect is observed in the health, vigor, sturdiness, and constitution, particularly in the fathering of children to the muscle and male tissue development. 


Hence its reference to as the anabolic steroid and primary sex hormone in males. Moreover, in both sexes, it is involved in health and well-being, including preventing osteoporosis and regulating moods and behavior. So it’s obvious that there definitely is a doctor or a physician who has spoken and written about this vital hormone, and below are several takeaways to note.


The different types of testosterones

Foremost, it's essential to understand the different types of the hormone. There are three, and of these, one is the free Testosterone which is readily available for use by the cells, while the others are attached to the albumin and the SHBG. 


However, the albumin-bound one is also available for cell use. Hence, researchers refer to the free and albumin-bound ones as bioavailable Testosterones. Contrary to the popular belief that age causes a decline in the male’s hormones levels, SHBG-attached one increases with age. It may only imply that other forms of it are declining in the body. The recommended test for low-T level symptoms is done by carrying out a blood test.


The time of the day when the hormone levels are highest

The human body has a diurnal hormone rhythm, and its levels are at a peak in the morning, likely encouraging those AM erections. So, it's the ideal time to have passionate sex, work on big projects, and carry out some energy-intensive work since the body is more energetic, aggressive, focused, competitive, impulsive, and independent. 


Consequently, the increase in these hormones may also cause one to be easily angered and likely to turndown favors or requests. Similarly, in the evening, the hormone levels take a dip, and one tends to be more agreeable and low-key.


Testosterone effects to the mental health

Not only is this hormone responsible for physical well-being, but also it is responsible for attention, memory, mood variations, and spatial ability, as a lot of research suggests. Low-T levels may be a risk factor for depression and possibly Alzheimer's disease since it causes a decline in motivation and concentration. Due to this, it is commonly used by doctors as a constituent in life extension medicines. 

It is also used in anti-aging therapies, increasing drive, focus, and overall memory recovery. Doctors are still formulating more TRT progresses. However, Testosterone medication may have side effects like liver toxicity, acne, anxiety, variation in sexual desire, breast enlargement in males, heart disease, and behavioral changes.


What exactly is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?

With low-T levels come the decline of the libido, further causing erectile dysfunction, fatigue, decreased muscle mass, depression, varied concentration, irritability, and may also cause a low sense of well-being. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean you must see a physician due to the numerous side effects associated with the treatment. Hence, a doctor should be the only one who should recommend TRT. 


There are various forms of the hormone’s supplements, including skin patches, e.g., Androderm, gels like Androgel, mouth patches such as the Striant, and lastly, injections and implants. Doctors believe oral ingestion of the hormone has detrimental effects on the liver; thus, it is not recommended. 


As much as TRT has numerous benefits to the body, Physicians believe it can worsen prostate cancer, blood clots, sleep apnea, and cause BPH. Several people tend to equate TRT with the use of performance-enhancing steroids, which is not the case.

The difference with this is that doses used in TRT only help achieve natural levels in the body. In contrast, for anabolic steroid abuse, the hormone levels tend to go over the top of the body’s natural levels.


In conclusion, it is vital to understand the facts about this critical hormone. It is one hormone that's definitely at the forefront of any masculine figure. It represents fatherhood, aggressiveness, masculinity, mood variations, push and motivation to carry out activities, and getting an ideal mating partner.

Some studies concluded that men with higher hormone levels are more likely to compete for approval when presented with an attractive woman. 


Think that you might be a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy, speak with a physician that specializes in TRT by contacting today!


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