Tummy Tuck Surgery and Body Contouring Surgery in Singapore


Also called abdominoplasty, tummy tuck is a coveted cosmetic procedure in the beauty industry.

It has gained immense fame recently for its ability to eliminate unwanted fat and skin from the stomach, giving it a firmer and flatter appearance.

A tummy tuck can also fix abdominal muscles. Because of its promising results, people often wonder if they should also opt for this surgery.

If you suffer from stubborn fat or loose skin problems in the abdomen, you can try it.

These issues can be challenging to treat solely with exercise or dieting.

Anyone who has just completed her pregnancy and lost a tremendous amount of weight or has visible signs of aging around their stomach can also consider this body contouring procedure to regain a youthful and gorgeous midsection.

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The suitable candidates for tummy tuck

Body contouring procedures like tummy tucks are suitable for people without medical complications.

If you suddenly shed a lot of weight, the skin excision process of this procedure can help restore your abdomen's firmness.

Even women after their pregnancies can also consider this treatment to correct their stretched or damaged stomach skin and muscles in the lower part, which rarely respond to exercises and diet. You can get your pre-pregnancy look back.

Tummy tuck recovery time

Age, overall wellness, and type of abdominoplasty(mini, full, extended, and with liposuction) can influence your recovery from surgery.

Many people often return to their office after two weeks. You will have a bandage on the incision site during the healing period.

A tube can also be attached to the skin to drain fluid from the operated region. You may have to follow specific sleeping and sitting postures after surgery to avoid blood clotting.

Your plastic surgeon can recommend medication to alleviate pain. Antibiotics can also be prescribed.

Tummy tuck with liposuction

Some women face difficulty shedding stubborn fat from their bellies even after a strict diet and exercise.

They can combine tummy tuck with liposuction to eliminate those unattractive fat deposits from the abdomen and sculpt and reform their midsection for a beautiful appearance.

In this process, a patient may have to take local anaesthetic and an additional solution to loosen the fat cells.

After this, the surgeon makes a small cut in the problem area to remove unwanted fat with little force.

Combining tummy tuck with liposuction can be helpful if you are bothered by excess fat in the flanks, hips, and lower belly.

There is a prevalent misconception that tummy tuck is a weight loss surgery, while it only takes care of the loose skin, excess fat, etc. Also, this surgery can cause scarring.

However, a deft plastic surgeon can minimise scars to a great extent due to their expertise in incision and post-operative care.

Some women often wonder if fresh pregnancy will interfere with their earlier tummy tuck surgery effects. The answer is yes.

That's why doctors recommend completing family planning before going for this type of body-shaping procedure. Remember, it's not just about shaping up your body.

Cosmetic methods like tummy tuck can effectively boost your confidence and self-esteem. Hence, it makes sense to opt for such methods.


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