Healthy hair enhances your appearance and confidence, whether You have beautiful Long Hairs or Cute small hairs, but healthy hair is essential.

Maintaining healthy hair at this monsoon season is important, so these tips are helpful  to maintain healthy hair 


Diet plays a major role to maintain healthy hair at any season.

At this monsoon season take a proper diet rich with Omega 3 and Vitamin E.

Food Sources:

  • Almonds
  • Flaxseeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Milk
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Sprouts

Hair care in monsoon || Hair care in monsoon

2.Wash Regularly:

Wash your hairs regularly with Organic Natural Shampoo only.

Use warm water to wash your hair, don’t use cold or hot water.

3.Massage :

Massage your hair regularly before going to bed.

Massage gently with any of these oils

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Sesame Oil

4.Cover your Hair:

Cover your hair from rainwater while going in traffic.

5.Hair Conditioning:

 Apply Hair conditioning at least 1 or 2 times a week.

Use natural and fully organic conditioner only.

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