what is the difference between thalassemia, heamophilia and anemia?

what is the difference between thalassemia, heamophilia and anemia?

Blood is the most important part in human’s body. A person is stated to be fit and healthy only if the flow of the blood is normal without any destruction.

You must check the hemoglobin count once in a while to avoid any diseases.

If you feel any weakness, tiredness or any changes in your body then consult with your health provider and it is better to do the blood test to check the condition of the flow of blood in the body.



Following are the BLOOD-RELATED DISEASES which comes with changes in functions of blood in the body.

Thalassemia, hemophilia, and anemia are the diseases which can be diagnosed with changes in the flow of functions of the blood.

These diseases may seem the same but each one has its own recognition. Following in this article i will discuss what is the difference between thalassemia, hemophilia and anemia?


Difference between thalassemia, hemophilia, and anemia


Thalassemia is known as the genetic disorder in the hemoglobin molecules.  If any of your family members were affected with any kind of imperfection in blood there are higher chances of you to be diagnosed with this disease.

This disease lasts for a lifetime and can be seen both in male and female.  This disease is basically known as the inherited blood disorders and also another form of anemia.



Heamophilia is the bleeding disorder, not the blood disorder. It is clear that the patients of this disease may bleed as it deals with clotting functions rather than the complex of hemoglobin molecules. This disease is largely found in male and again this disease lasts for a lifetime.



This disease is nothing but the decrease in red blood cell and less number of hemoglobin count.  To say more clearly anemia is the lack of blood or deficiency in vitamin B12. There are so many diseases related to this issue.

As mentioned above you will be clear about what is the difference between thalassemia, hemophilia and anemia. And you can easily identify by diagnosing the symptoms. As this disease will be for a lifetime, yet early treatment and preventive measure will work in the reduction of pain.

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Treatment for fatal diseases

How to cure thalassemia?

As this disease deals with genetic blood disorder from our ancestors, the only way to cure is the transformation of blood with other healthy blood of the same group.

This process must be done very often and as the blood disorder increases there will be an increase of iron in the body. Though the presence of iron is must in the body but excessive efficiency of iron can lead to fetal death.


How to cure heamophilia?

There are different types, factors and symptoms of heamophilia and the main treatment is the replacement of clots. You should take proper medications to prevent clots, physical therapies to relax and heal the pain and vaccination.


How to cure anemia?

There are many types of anemia diseases and so are the treatments. The treatment for this disease involves surgery for risk factors, blood transfusion, bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy and proper medications.



By reading what is the difference between thalassemia, hemophilia and anemia you can have better understanding about these diseases. To avoid these fatal diseases you must be happy, stress free and follow good lifestyle.

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