All Married Men Must Know What is a Normal and Healthy Sperm Count

All Married Men Must Know What is a Normal and Healthy Sperm Count

If you have been trying hard to have a child and finding it difficult to conceive, then there is some problem in either you or your spouse. If the woman is healthy and fertile then the doctors advise the male partner to perform semen analysis.

This process checks the semen of your male partner and detects the number of sperms present in the sample, shape of the sperms and the way they move. sperm

Process of Semen Analysis

During a semen analysis, the semen sample is collected. For this, you need to follow the instructions provided by the doctor.

  • Semen collections require the male partner to masturbate and collect the semen.
  • Use a sterile container for the collection.
  • If collected at home make sure to keep it at body temperature and ideally away from extreme temperatures.
  • Transport it to the lab within one hour of taking the sample.

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What should be the Normal Sperm Count?

For this, it is important to understand what the sperm count means. A sperm count is the amount of sperm/ml of the sperm collected.

In this case, you must know that the semen per ejaculation can vary slightly from the collected sample. Sperm count that is anywhere in between 1 milliliter to 6 or 7 ml is considered to be normal. The normal sperm count morphology motility is 20 to 150 million or 40 to 20 percent.Morphology of the Sperm 

Morphology of the Sperm Doctors not only look at the amount of sperm present in the semen sample but also analyze the shape of each sperm.

The analysis will determine the number of sperms that are normally shaped and properly formed. In normal conditions, more than 40 percent of the sperms have better shape and correct form.

Motility or Movement of the Sperm

The movement of the sperm within the semen sample is also observed during the analysis. Ideally, the sperms should move forward in progression and should be moving sluggishly within the circles.

Normally, around 20 percent of the sperms should show forward progressive movement.


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