Banana Face Pack for Oily Skin

Banana Face Pack for Oily Skin

Oily skin needs lot of care or else you face the problem of acne and pimples. Moreover, excess oil on the skin attracts lot of dirt and grime causing your face to look dull. To control oiliness on facial skin, you must use various herbal remedies that are effective as well as do not cause any side effect. Banana is a highly nutritious fruit and is equally beneficial in providing beauty and glow to the face.

This fruit is available throughout the year and hence you can use it to clear off the oiliness of your skin anytime irrespective of the season. Application of banana face pack improves the skin texture, makes it more beautiful and glowing. 

The nutrients in banana such as vitamin C and B6 provide elasticity to the skin and make you look younger. It hydrates the skin and removes all the dust and dirt particles in the skin proes thereby reducing the chances of acnes and pimples.It effectively removes dead skin, fights wrinkles and acts a very good natural moisturizer.

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Banana and Honey Face Pack

  • Mash half the banana and mix it with one-teaspoon honey.

  • Mix well and apply this paste to your face using face pack brush.

  • Let the face pack darken and then remove. Usually you can wash off your face with cold water after 15 minutes.

However, if the weather is too cold you can use lukewarm water for cleaning. You can use curd in place of honey as a substitute.

Avocado and Banana Face Pack for Oily Skin

  • Mash half the banana and add half-mashed avocado to make an even paste.

  • You can also use half-mashed kiwi in place of avocado if you do not like the green fruit.

  • To make an even consistency add little bit of milk and apply with a flat face brush on the face. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash with warm water.

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