Is your wedding date fixed? Want to look beautiful? Well, here are some Beauty tips for bridal before marriage. These tips help you in looking beautiful than ever before. On the wedding day, every bride wants to look like a princess with the shiniest hair, the most beautiful dress & the most expertly applied makeup.

For every lady the most extraordinary calendar day is the wedding day as she begins a fresh life. Additionally, it's the date when all guests & people set their eyeballs on the bride to assessor her loveliness & it makes it obligatory for her to appear good as she can't afford awful remarks from the guest on such a lucky day.

For the bride, it is essential to take care of her makeup on her special day. It is significant for a bride to look beautiful,there are several factors to keep in mind that makes you the most beautiful bride.

Here are a few Beauty tips for bridal before marriage for looking perfect and beautiful on the wedding day

Regular Weekly Manicures

Regular weekly manicures

Once you get engaged, every individual asks to see the ring. Thus, keep your nails & hands primed & pretty by scheduling regular weekly manicures. Shape your nails and give your hands and nails a balanced & elegant look.

Whiten Your Teeth

Want pearly white teeth for all beautiful pictures? Most toothpastes have ingredients that make your teeth white, but for quicker results, pick a special whitening one.

Eat Health food

Try staying away from lots of sodium, sugar and processed foods. This is the best Beauty tips for bridal. Consuming sodium, sugar and processed foods lead to bloating and belly fat. Rather, focus on fruits, green vegetables, & lots of water. Watch out for carbs as well, particularly fried foods (no French fries!). Stay away from too much boozing as it makes your skin puffy & dry.

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Regular Work Out

Work out on regular basis. "Working out helps in tightening & firm your body while also detoxing skin," A good workout boosts your energy, and helps in losing weight that makes you feel happier.

Weights Lifting

Another, beauty tip for a bride is lifting weights. Add weights to workout routine. Few dumbbells make all the difference between toned arms & that little bit of arm fat that's so difficult to shake.

Get Smooth Face

A primer is the best place to start. It offers a smooth surface for foundation. Try out hydrating facial serum. Apply it daily prior to make up for softer & smoother skin.

Prefer Bronze

Sun-kissed skin gives healthy and natural glow. Make use of gradual self-tanner. A one-time tan gives you just enough bronze for a sun-touched look in your photos.

Makeup Test Run

Besides your hair trial, you should also schedule a makeup trial. Have a trial at least three months before the wedding. This is where you'll fine-tune your look with your makeup artist so you know exactly how you'll look the day of.

Have Brows Shaped

If you do your own tweezing, take the chance to overdo on brow shaping. The advantage at salons follows your advice, and offer suggestions for best brow shape as per your face. Waxing is the most popular option. For threading uses cotton thread rolled along with your skin to catch hair. The process is fast and more precise than waxing.

Get Longer Lashes

If you don't have long lashes, try false ones. Get soft, romantic look by applying half lashes in outer corners of eyes. Longer lashes enhance eyes shapes & emphasize all focus on you. Apply favorite mascara, & curl lashes. Then apply a coat of waterproof mascara. This gives you a beautifully curled lashes with no heavy feeling.

Emphasize on Your Lips

Another, beauty tip for bride is to take care of lips every night by applying lip balm or Vaseline and rub it over your lips. This exfoliates and softens lips at the same time. Prefer glossy lip on the wedding day. A matte lipstick looks classic but can't hold as long, & could crack & wear down. Put a gloss on lipstick to cover those imperfections.

Have Hair Plan

Approach hairstylist to figure out hair care plan, try a home treatment with favorite conditioner & mashed-up avocado. The creaminess of avocado increases hair's silkiness. Onset weekly treatments months prior to wedding, for an extra-glossy finish, seek shampoos and conditioners infused with olive oil.

Get Smooth Skin

Use a good body scrub in the shower to get rid of dead skin. Then, moisturize your skin with a good shea butter or almond butter lotion. Wrap elbows in cloth & keep moisturizer on for around an hour. Follow above beauty tips for bridal before marriage and look beautiful on your special day

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