Best Yoga Poses and Gym Exercises to Reduce Belly and Hips Fat

Best Yoga Poses and Gym Exercises to Reduce Belly and Hips Fat

There are variety of exercises to reduce belly and hips fat. These will prevent unwanted fat and helps in activating body muscles. Follow the below mentioned yoga and gym exercise to reduce belly and hips fat and start leading a new strong and fit life.

Its very simple to be healthy and fit. The only formula for healthy life is Correct exercises, Eat healthy and organic foods, Get an adequate amount of sleep, and Maintain less stress.But, many of us fail to achieve in practical life because of the mechanical lifestyle we have.

Due to the lifestyle changes with rapid technology variations, there is no much work to our body which keeps us fit and healthy. Especially, our works are completed usually by sitting all the day either in office or home or while travelling.

Hence, there is no much work or activeness in our lower parts of the body which means we are not using leg muscles or other parts for much time. This results in an increase in the fat in those areas.

Best Yoga poses to reduce belly and hips fat:

Yoga is always good and preferred by everyone. Here are the top 5 Yoga exercises to reduce belly and hips fat without any damage to the health. These exercises even improve health in different prospective.

bow pose

1.Veerabhadrasan - Warrior posture:


  • Stand straight and stretch your legs
  • Turn right foot by 90 degrees and left foot by 15 degrees.
  • Left both the arms in sideways straight by facing palms upwards.
  • Exhale and bend your right knee
  • Turn head and look to the right side
  • Now, stretch your arms further.
  • Stretch shoulders and push pelvis down slowly.
  • Go down slowly in the same warrior position
  • Inhale and come up
  • Repeat this posture by turning to the left side and changing the leg angles vise-versa

2.Utkatasana - Chair Posture:


  • Stand straight and stretch your hands parallel to the ground by facing palms to down.
  • Bend knees and push pelvis little down in a chair posture
  • Slowly bend as if you are sitting in an imaginary chair.
  • Bend down and slowly go till sukhasan (cross-legged posture) either you can take rest or repeat this again.

  3.Bhujangasana - Cobra Posture:


  • Lie on your stomach and stretch out your legs.
  • Keep your palm underneath your shoulders.
  • Touch the floor with chin and toes.
  • Now, inhale and raise chest up by bending backward as much as possible.
  • Hold in this position which looks like a cobra for 15-30 sec and brings back your body to normal position slowly.
  • Repeat this 5 times every day and relax 10-15 sec after each round.

4.Dhanurasana - Bow Posture:


         Lie down and take a prone position on the ground.   

  • Keep legs together and rest hands on either side of the body by facing palm towards ground
  • Exhale and bend knees upwards
  • Lift and bend head backward slowly
  • Hold knees by bringing hands backward
  • Body weight support should be all on abdomen
  • Try to lift knees higher and be in that position for 20-30 sec.
  • Normal breathings should be there while you are in that posture.
  • Repeat this 10 times every day.

5.Padahastasana - Standing Forward Bend Posture:


  • Stand straight and keep heels touching each other.
  • Keep spine erect and straight
  • Keep hands straight to both the sides
  • Now, inhale deeply and stretch your hands in upwards totally
  • Slowly start exhaling and bend your body towards front without bending knees.
  • Bend as much as you can
  • Inhale and exhale in this process and bend totally trying to touch the ground
  • Hold your breath and be in this position for 60-90 seconds
  • Now come back to straight position by exhaling
  • Repeat this 10 times by giving rest for each time.

Along with the yoga exercises, people can do the below-mentioned gym exercise to reduce belly and hips at home easily to get more effective results. There is no need of doing both yoga and gym hips and tummy reducing exercise, you can choose any one among these.

People who cannot do yoga and love to do gym can concentrate more on the below-mentioned exercise to reduce belly and hips fat.

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Best gym exercise to reduce belly and hips:

These are the top 5 exercises to reduce belly and hips. These exercises can be performed at home if you have experience in it.

  1. Crunches
  2. Twist Crunches
  3. Side Crunches
  4. Jogging
  5. Bicycle Exercise

Benefits of yoga and gym exercises to reduce belly and hips :

  • It stimulates liver which helps in detoxifying and cleaning the body.
  • Activates the thyroid glands and controls the metabolisms.
  • Yoga maintains the correct pH levels in the body.
  • Maintains a proper balance of nerve system functionality.
  • Increase the muscles strength and keeps you fit.
  • Reduces unwanted bad cholesterol from the body.
  • Improves heart health and maintains proper working functionality.
  • Keeps fit from tip to toe.
  • Prevents lower back pain and other lower parts of the body pains.

Common Gym Exercise Myths:

  • Workout every morning on empty stomach helps in more fat reduction.
  • Lifting heavy weight is the main aspect in getting stronger.
  • Exercises are only meant for weight loss.
  • If you exercise you can eat anything and everything.
  • More exercise time leads to faster results.
  • Weight training for women increase more muscular body shapes as men.
  • Spot and immediate reducing are possible with exercises.
  • Lower intestine exercises will burn more body fat.

If you do these exercises perfectly you can check the difference in a month. For best results start these exercises to reduce belly and hips twice a day. So, why late! Start your weight loss plans today and see amazing results. Make a move and start a fit and healthy life!

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