• How Do Nails of Legs and Hands Grow ?
    October 8, 2015

    If you are a girl then you can understand what a shiny and well trimmed nail can add up to your personality. However now a days this is not only for the girls but also for the males to maintain a well trimmed and healthy nails. The growth and natural shine of the nail varies from person to person.

    Nails are made up of the substance named keratin. Keratin helps the creation of the nail, body hair and even the upper layer of the skin in the body. The nails of the toes and finger develop even before a child is born. Now you can feel that your nail starts growing from cuticle a U shape on the tips of your fingers of hand and legs but this is half the fact. The nails start growing from the nail root which is under the U shaped cuticle o

    growth of nails

    Growth of new Nails

    n our fingers.

    Growth of New Nails

    When there is a growth of new cells at the nail root the older nail cells are pushed up by the newly grown cells thus resulting in growing of the nails. One can easily notice that the old nail cell harden and flattens. The reason behind this is keratin. The new nail cells thus slides forward. The flat surface below your nail is above blood vessels that gives a pink texture to your nails. A pale half circle easily seen on our nail is known as lunula.

    In some people the nail growth rate is very high while in others it is typically low. On an average a finger nail grows 2.5 millimeters every month. Generally the nail on our hand grows faster than those on our legs. A proper nutritious diet helps in growth of healthy nails. Not to forget proper cleanliness is also necessary for shiny nails.

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