Does Water Help in Reducing Fat From the Body

Does Water Help in Reducing Fat From the Body

Water makes around 75 percent of your overall body weight and hence is one of the most abundant as well as important substances of your body. Surprisingly, very few people know that the food you eat is also approximately around 70 percent water.

In the absence of adequate amount of water in the body, you can become sick. If the water loss is, 20 percent or more you can die. Thus, you can live without foods for days together but it is impossible to survive without it even for a few days.

So, just as it plays a major role in your survival and keeping you fit, similarly it also contributes in removing fat from your body and maintaining ideal body weight.

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Watch Your Intake of Water

It can suppress your appetite. But this is a negative way to achieve fat loss. Instead, the best way is to replace sugary juices, soft drinks, sodas and alcoholic drinks with water.

Substituting cans of colas with sparkling or plain water can reduce your calorie intake by 270 calories. So in a week you can lose half a pound approximately per week.

Another essential quality of water is that it keeps you hydrated, which reduces chances of overeating. It is a common observation that people cannot identify when they are thirsty and instead binge on food when in reality their body needs water.

Adequate water presence in the body ensures that all your toxic substances and excreta is eliminated properly from the body. This also includes the excess fat, which is thrown out in the form of fluid when you burn calories through exercising and work activities.

So, to maintain ideal weight and lose extra body fat you should always drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.


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