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Eyelid Problem in Kids (Ptosis)

Eyelid Problem in Kids (Ptosis)

Many kids suffer from the problem of drooping of upper eyelid. This condition is known as Ptosis. The degree of dropping varies. In some kids, the lids may droop slightly whereas in some cases the lid may completely cover the eye or the pupil.

In severe conditions, the vision can also be blocked and requires surgical intervention as treatment. Ptsois or the problem of eyelids can affect either one eye or both the eyes. Sometimes it can be present from the birth or the kids may inherit it. In very few people, the problem of drooping eyelids occurs during adulthood.

Eyelid Problem in kid

Causes of Drooping Eyelids

The eyelid problem in the kids is caused due to the weakening of the muscles that are responsible for lifting up the eyelid.

The muscle loses its ability to raise the eyelid because sometimes the nerves that control these muscles are damaged or the skin above the eyelids becomes loose.



Congenital abnormality that is present at the time of the birth is one of the major causes of eyelid problem in kids.

In some cases, the child is born with moderate or severe ptosis and the problem can be cured with surgical treatment so that the normal vision of the child is restored.

In case this condition is not treated, it may further aggravate to another problem known as amblyopia or lazy eye. Amblyopia is a problem of vision in which the normal development of vision is stunted during childhood. In some cases, continuous negligence can lead to loss of vision permanently.

Symptoms of Drooping Eyelids

  • Watery eyes or increased tearing
  • Drooping of one or both of the eyes
  • Severe Ptosis can also interfere with the vision

Treatment of Drooping Eyelid

Generally, surgery is the only treatment recommended for ptosis in childhood. However, certain rare disorders can be treated with medications. The decision depends upon the assessment of the ophthalmologist who takes into consideration the age of the child, measurement of the height of the eyelid, whether only one or both of the eyelids are having problem and so on.




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