Triphala has its prominence in Ayurvedic medicine for thousand years. Triphala Churna is a powder made with a combination of multiple fruits like amla, Indian gooseberry, haritaki, bibhitaki, and others.

Let’s discuss a few Benefits of Triphala Churna or Powder:

  • Improves digestion problems: It enhances the digestive system and cleanses the internal body.
  • Promotes weight loss: It enhances metabolism and helps in shedding some extra pounds.
  • Activates physical energy: IT fights against fatigue and boosts our energy.
  • Boosts immune system: It fights with radical free oxidants with its antioxidant elements.
  • Enhances eyesight: It improves ocular health and prevents grave eye diseases.
  • Increase healthy hair: It stimulates new hair growth and reduces grey hair.
  • Adds glow to the skin: It fights dermatological problems like acne, eczema, and others.
  • Controls diabetes: It works like any diabetic medicine with additional benefits to decrease and control glucose levels.

Is it safe to take Triphala during pregnancy?

No, Triphala is not recommended to pregnant women or lactating women as it increases the chances of miscarriage and reduces breast milk. It is unsafe for children.

Triphala Churna is available both in online and offline stores at affordable prices. The intake of Triphala churna should be taken as per the guidelines.

Get expert advice on Triphala usage, dosage, do’s and don’ts in some medical conditions of using Triphala from Plus100Years experienced Doctors from various domains.

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