The term Eczema came from the Greek word Ekzein meaning to boil. It is also known as dermatitis and is a dry skin condition. The skin becomes dry, red, itchy and scaly.

In some severe cases, the skin might bleed and form crusts. It can affect people of all ages; however, children are more prone to the disease.

Symptoms of eczema || Symptoms of eczema

Symptoms of eczema

The symptoms can vary for individuals as far as eczema is concerned. The skin rashes might look or affect differently in each person. The rashes can be severe or mild.

Generally, the skin becomes rough and sensitive. Another major symptom is intense itching. The itching can be so severe that the skin can bleed and lead to more inflammation and prone to severe infection.


The first and the most important treatment for eczema are taking good care of the skin. Modify your skincare routine and also take care of some lifestyle changes and you can get rid of it. Some nondrug treatments that you can undergo are:

  • Use mild soap and moisturizer as these will not dry the skin. Apply the moisturizer right after a shower. If you have severe it, you can also add some bleach to the water for a bath as it helps in killing the bacteria that cause eczema.
  • Reduce stress factors. Relax and go for regular exercising.
  • Take short showers with warm water as that will help in retaining the skin moisture.

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