Cycling is not only a mode of transition. It is also a great way of keeping yourself fit and healthy the eco-friendly way. Cycling is a type of vigorous activity and burns calories very fast. However, it is also believed that cycling can help you grow taller.

How does cycling can help you grow taller

Key points related to Cycling include:

  • Medical science claims that height of a human being is dependent mainly on only two factors-genes and age. It is not possible for anyone to grow tall after reaching a certain age.
  • The right age hence for exercising to grow taller is during 12 to 18 years so that you can attain maximum height. Cycling is an exercise that can play a major role in increasing your height if it is regularly practised during this period.
  • Nonetheless, you should not forget that along with cycling you also need the support of a highly nutritious diet to increase height.

How Does Cycling Help?

Cycling can help you grow taller:

  • Cycling requires your muscles to work hard. If you perform, cycling every day for four miles your calf and leg muscles start tightening up due to which the lower limb part of your body becomes lean.
  • As you practice regularly, you develop a lean and tall figure. Simultaneously your abs become stronger, your leg stretch and thus few inches are added to your body.
  • When this practice of cycling is supported by a protein-rich diet along with a glass of milk every day, the result is guaranteed.
  • Cycling helps you to burn calories and with the right diet develop shapely muscles due to which your overall appearance also improves.

Which Bikes are good for Improving Height?

Health experts suggest that to increase height, a cycle should use a stationary bike instead of the regular traditional one. Cycling using a raised saddle seat daily for around 18 to 20 miles has been known to increase the length of the shinbone by ¼ inch in every two to three weeks.

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