Magnesium is one of the components that occur naturally on earth. It is found in between the hydrosphere and lithosphere which means in the uppermost surface of the earth.It is one of the essential elements that are used in homeopathy therapy to make drugs.

It is present in the cells in the human body and is an important component. Magnesium carbonate has been used as a laxative for a long time now. Pharmaceutical industry still uses it as an ingredient in some antacids and in powder formation. It is successfully used in homeopathy.

Source of magnesium carbonica is Magnesite and is generally found in the USA, China, and Australia.magnesium

Advantages of Magnesium :

  • It is used to treat several problems such as taste disorder and digestive problems.
  • Bitter taste with white thick mucus on tongue, indigestion, heartburn, diarrhoea, and constipation are some of the diseases where magnesium carb is helpful as a drug.
  • Even in the case of children with low weight, the problem in muscle development and many other disabilities are also treated by it.
  • Coping with the low level of the magnesium in the human body is also one of the advantages of magnesium carb. It also helps in preventing migraines.


  • In addition to several advantages, there are some disadvantages that are also associated with it. Diarrhoea and loose motions are some common side effects of this.
  • Severe allergies, rashes, swelling, itching, troubled breathing, and dizziness are also experienced in many cases.
  • Intakes of such drugs are often recommended with meals so as to minimise the side effects.
  • If any of the allergies or side effects are experienced the patient should immediately consult the doctor

However such medications should be always taken in the guidance of a medical expert.

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