How to cure foreskin problems

How to cure foreskin problems

Suffering from Foreskin problems? Want to know how to cure foreskin problems? Well, prior to knowing the treatment for Foreskin problems, an individual should know a complete overview on Foreskin, and its problems.

Foreskin or prepuce, is just an extra flap skin and it is made up of extremely specialized tissues that safeguards the glans (head) of penis underneath; it even contains a great deal of sensory tissue that offers pleasurable sensation, & acts as a natural lubricant for skin of penile.

Earlier, foreskin was often removed in male infants through circumcision frequently for tradition or religious reasons. It is also believed that removing foreskin is healthier for the child. Certain foreskin problems can lead to negative effect on penis health.

How to cure foreskin problems

Common foreskin problems

Know the following common foreskin problems, in detail before finding solutions for the query like how to cure foreskin problems:

Too tight:

Men with long foreskin or who experienced an injury that caused skin to contract as it heals can find that it becomes complex to withdraw the foreskin over penis head. This may lead to problems at the time of sex, and it may result to infections.

Swollen & red:

This foreskin problem is caused by balanitis, an inflammatory condition i.e. usually due to the result of poor hygiene. Treating balanitis mostly includes keeping penis - subsuming the parts covered by foreskin - clean & dry. In few cases doctors suggests medicated creams.


After a vigorous session, if a men experience bleeding then he may have a torn frenulum - this is a little band of skin that attaches the foreskin to the area just underneath the penis head. However, a torn frenulum is not a big problem, and it must heal by its own in few days.

Smells bad:

Most uncircumcised men would have undoubtedly noticed a whitish, pasty substance that builds underneath foreskin. This is called smegma, and it contains dead skin cells, body oils & other fluids that have gathered into a lump of goo. Cleaning under foreskin is the best way to control the bad smell.

Knowing, how to cure foreskin problems helps in resolving aforesaid issues.

How to cure foreskin problems

Treatment for foreskin problem mostly depends on its cause. If the problem is physiological, then topical steroids and personal hygiene can help. Consulting doctor at right time would help the sufferer in combatting the issue.

Most of the experts suggest that the individual's first move, though, must be to try as well as stretch foreskin by themselves. Use lube or just do it while bathing when individual's penis is flaccid. Going to the doctor and trying topical steroids would help in curing foreskin problems. A minor surgical procedure like dorsal slits is also another option.

Operation or surgery is one more option to cure foreskin problems usually it means circumcision. During surgery, doctor will separate foreskin from penis head and cut it away & stitches it up the incision. Initially, penis head will be sensitive as it won't be used to being exposed, however over a couple weeks this must diminish. It could assist in wearing loose boxer shorts rather than tight briefs for some time.

Preputioplasty is also a choice to cure foreskin problems. It is not as severe as a circumcision because foreskin is sliced instead of removing. The incision is then stitched to give a broader more flexible foreskin. It results in natural looking penis.

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