Try these beautiful homemade soaps which are healthy and can be created very easily with the basic needs available in every home. This is the ultimate solution for How to make homemade soap at home.

Why are homemade soaps necessary?

How to make homemade soap

There are various varieties of soaps available in the market which are cost and remains for a short time. These soaps are filled with different chemicals which are degrading skin and making it dull.

Using these soaps every day is removing essential oils from the skin and making skin harsh which results in increase in dead cells.

Using organic soap is not only healthy, but its ingredients make skin smooth and soft.It even increases glow to the skin and also has many amazing benefits.

The basic items need for How to make homemade soaps is listed below.

Basic needed items:

  • Natural soap base: Choose chemical-free, organic and natural glycerin soap base.
  • Molds: Get any shape of molds which you like. You can even use cake or bread or any shapes used in cooking. Prefer silicone molds to get the exact shape, and it has much more flexibility.
  • Herbs and/or plants: These are used to add flavor and scents to the soaps. You can take either rose or lavender or any other flower you love. Plants or herb powder doubles the color of soap or else there are kitchen items which can make a good color and are healthy too.

Few examples are Turmeric for orange color, grounded oatmeal for cream color, Himalayan pink salt for pink color, Spirulina powder for green color, etc.

  • Essential Oils: Choose organic and natural essential oils such as lavender oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, etc.
  • Liquid: Any liquid such as water, coffee, green tea, infused herbs, coconut milk, etc. can be used to prevent from burning the soap while boiling it.

How to Make Homemade Soap


1.Take a glycerin soap base and grate it.

2.Take the grated soap base into the bowl.

3.Add some water or other liquid to the bowl

4.Start heating on low flame to avoid any burning.

5.Stir it till it melts completely and converts into liquid form. It may take to 15 min to 1 hour depending on the quantity.

6.Ones the soap is completely liquefied turn off the heat.

7.Now, add other ingredients such as herbs, essential oil and others when the soap liquid is hot.

8.Then, add the soap liquid mixture into molds.

9.You can even add leaves or herbs or flowers in the molds while pouring soap liquid into them.

10.Refrigerate these molds at least for 2 hours.

11.Remove the soaps from the molds and keep them in a cool place to let it dry completely for few days.

12.Your soaps are ready ones they became hard and dried thoroughly. Hence, Here is the How to make homemade soap recipe is so easy and can be done at any time.

Do prepare these soaps and these are the best thing to gift someone. You can even customize according to the needs or colors as per your choice.

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