The recent floods in Hyderabad, the southern part of India have created havoc and storms in the lives of the people. The lives and houses are disrupted and the health is at stake.

Before you actually run amuck of the diseases that you might be afflicted to, check out for the symptoms of various health issues in order to keep them at bay.

There are more chances of viral infections caused during and after the floods. The water due to the contamination of the animal and human feaces becomes polluted and when the human or a part of the human body that is wounded and open for getting affected gets the disease transferred through it.


Precautionary measures:

You can also take precautionary measures to stay safe and prevent yourself from the diseases that are affected due to the floods and the polluted water. Some of the important tips to keep in mind during the flood and after the flood are as follows:

  • Avoid drinking the cold water. The chances of the spreading of the microbial germs are more. Always boil the water and drink.
  • Avoid eating foods that are prepared before a long duration. Try eating fresh.
  • Stay away from the stagnant water. The chance of germs and flu near the water that is stagnant is more than the running ones.
  • If you have wounds or a part of the injury that has not dried and recovered, don't expose it to any water. This will cause the wound to become intense.

Taking care of health during the floods:

It is really important to keep in mind that you might be falling sick anytime during or after the flood.

  • Look out for symptoms. If you have a mild fever or temperature, you can try taking a dose of paracetamol.
  • Drink water that is boiled. If you feel the water is unsafe and not sterilized, and then make sure that you pressure cook the water with 8-10 whistles.
  • Cool it and you can then drink it. Any water that is consumed this way is safe to drink.
  • Try consuming fresh food. Prepare food at home and try to eat them when they are fresh and warm.
  • Don't leave the food open for a longer time. If you have the left out food, then discard it or share it someone in need while it is fresh.
  • Don't let garbage and any rain/flood water stand in your house. Keep cleaning it. Discard the garbage out of the house. If you can't go out due to rains and floods then try to keep the garbage in a bag and seal it.
  • Once you are done the cleaning, sanitize your hand immediately.
  • Don't let flies and mosquitoes inside your house. Use mosquito repellants and you can also try applying the mosquito repelling creams.

Wash all the vessels before using. Be it a spoon or any utensil. No matter how cleanly it has already been washed, make sure that you wash it again in clean and running water.

Taking care of children during and after the floods:

Children usually fall sick very soon because of their low level of immunity in their body.

  • It becomes vital for you to know that, any symptoms that look serious or out of the regular ones, immediately take the child to the nearest hospital.
  • Don't wait for it to supersede and prolong. The earlier you treat them, the safer they are for you.
  • Unlike the adults, children cannot exactly know what is happening and cannot describe the pain.

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