Pollution has become a major hurdle against good health. Different types of pollution such as air, water, soil pollution are causing damage to the environment and life on earth.

Air pollution is the major form of pollution that affects human in all the ways. From particles, droplets to gases and toxic substances all such components together bring down the air quality making it unhealthy for breathing.

If you are living in a highly polluted area, you should take proper care of your health.

Eating Right is Must

You cannot stop yourself from breathing the polluted air as you live in a polluted environment.

However, you can enhance your immunity by eating the right kind of food substances. Antioxidant offers good protection against all types of diseases.

Antioxidant Nutrient

You must include an antioxidant nutrient group such as vitamin A and C, vitamin F, beta-carotene, and selenium that are known to protect your lungs and heart against smoke damage and the toxic pollutants present in water and air.

These antioxidant nutrients sacrifice themselves to protect your body from the toxic effects of pollutants.

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Other Important Tips to Prevent Yourself from Pollution

  • Staying indoors mostly during the daytime ensures lesser exposure to a high level of pollution. Generally, the air present indoors contains lesser pollutants.
  • Limit your outside activity to the early morning or after the sunset because during these hours the air pollution is comparatively less. Sunshine tends to increase the level of ozone, which is harmful to your health.
  • People living in areas with poor air quality should not exert or exercise outdoors and restrict their activities indoors. Because during exertion or exercise you breathe faster thereby, increasing your intake of more air which can cause damage to your lungs.
  •  Use a tap water filter if the water in your area is polluted to keep water-borne diseases such as diarrhea or cholera at bay. Such small changes in your lifestyle can go a long way in offering you protection against pollution.

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