As we all know lungs play very crucial role in functioning of the body properly. But lungs are the part which is ignored by most of us and exposed to pollution. When we inhale the air, unknowingly we inhale many dangerous microbes along with air which are very harmful for our health. It is necessary to clean our Lungs ones in a while.

Here are the best top 10 ways to clean your lungs with these simple home remedies


Ginger helps to eliminate toxins from your lungs. Make ginger tea and consume it, but the best way to intake ginger is to eat it raw. This will helps in cleansing lungs and makes it healthier.


Peppermint or pudina is a very healthy herb. Add peppermint in daily food and intake it. You can even eat 2-4 peppermint leaves daily.

Peppermint leaves will fight with the infected bacteria in the lungs and clean it. It removes all the toxins and keeps lungs clean and healthy.

Best Ways to Clean Your Lungs Naturally

3.Castor Oil Pack:

As we all know castor oil has various health benefits. It cures many internal and external diseases in the body. Castor Oil also cleans toxins from the lungs, uterus and digestive system with the Castor Oil Pack. Below is the process for castor oil pack.

Use only cold, organic castor oil for the pack. To make this pack firstly warm castor oil and apply on chest and places around lungs, then lie down and relax for some amount of time. Now rinse it off with towel or tissues. If this pack is followed ones in a while lungs will be cleaned and toxins are removed from the body. 


Oregano contains rich compounds like carvacrol and terpenes which acts as lung cleansing elements. This herb helps to allow nasal airflow smoothly and betters the functioning of the respiratory system. Drink oregano tea or simply sprinkle oregano in your food. 2 to 3 drops of oregano oil can be added to milk or juice daily.

Oregano in Telugu= Vamu

Oregano in Hindi= Sathra / Mirzanjosh

Oregano in Gujarati=Ajamo

Oregano in Tamil= Omam

5.Relax your Body:

Stress also leads to many health-related problems. Make sure you spend at least 5 minutes in a day peacefully by sitting idle without any worries. Meditation is the best solution for every problem.

Meditate daily for an hour, this keeps the body fresh, relaxes our mind, Makes us stress-free, Keeps us away from negative vibes. Massage ones in a while as it helps to improve immune system and fights with toxins.


Regular exercise like walking, jogging will keep our body fit and healthy. Exercises such as yoga will help in proper functioning of the body. Everyday minimum one hour exercise should be done to lead a healthier life.

Yoga such as breathing exercise will help in removing bacteria from the lungs and cleans airflow. While performing deep breathing exercise your body posture should be straight. Keep your back in straight position, this helps to flow air smoothly and works effectively while breathing.


Consume more and more antioxidant-rich food and try to add them in your daily routine. Drink plenty of juices like carrot, lemon water, pineapple and others with less sugar. These will help in cleaning lungs and detoxifying them eventually.

Try to drink green tea before going to bed as green tea leaves releases toxin in the intestine and controls constipation. Add onion, apple in your food menu. All these foods are very healthy and improve digestive system and are the ways to clean your lungs.

8.Hot Shower:

Take hot water shower for about 20 minutes. Sweating formed while bathing will help in remove toxins present in the body. Add few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to hot water and take steam for few minutes. Eucalyptus oil has many potent decongestants, antiseptic properties which help in cleaning lungs.

9.Improve Indoor Air:

It's hard to believe but our houses are also filled with pollution and bad air because of the products we are using for our daily needs such as deodorants, home sprays, and house cleaning products.

These products contain various chemicals and other harmful substances which are very minute and we usually inhale them along with air while breathing. To reduce pollution keep indoor plants, make sure you get enough ventilation into your home, clean house on daily basis.

10.Lung Cleansing Food:

Foods which include the rich amount of potassium, Vitamin C will detoxify and cleans body. Drink plenty of water, lemon juices, and fruit juices. Eat folate-rich foods such as black beans. Sprouts and other herbs will also help in cleansing lungs.

Addition ways to clean your lungs:

  • Quit Smoking as it is very injuries to health and pollute lungs.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol as much as you can.
  • Plant as many trees as you can in your surroundings and encourage indoor plants also.
  • Avoid fast food, frozen food as they affect the body.
  • Try to avoid highly polluted industrial areas.

Some of these tips are not proven scientifically or have limited testing results, but have very good benefits in them. Always consult your physician before trying these home remedies when you are on any type of medication, as these herbs may make infection or reaction when taken along with other medicines.

We hope these best 10 ways to clean your lungs helped you and gave information on lung cleansers.

Stay Healthy! Keep body clean internally and externally! Be Beautiful!

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