Health  Benefits of Bay Leaves

Author: Ashritha Pendkar 

Updated: 02-02-2024

Bay leaves uses are known to us only through food. But do you know there are amazing health benefits of Bay Leaves? 

Till now we only know bay leaves are used directly in the form of leaves in food. But it can also be used in different forms such as powder, boiled, paste, and many others.

Bay leaf is an effective and organic herb. It is widely available across the globe in many forms with different names.

Bay Leaves are of different types depending upon the region. A few of the types of bay Leaves are as follows.

  • Indian Bay Leaves 
  • West Indian Bay Leaves
  • Mediterranean Bay Leaves
  • California Bay Leaves
  • Indonesian Bay Leaves

 Bay leaves are generally used in ayurvedic medicines, soups, curries, rice, non-vegetarian dishes and much more in our day-to-day life. From ages, we know bay leaves as the best spice product but here we are going to explore health benefits of bay leaves.  

A few of them are listed below.

Health Benefits of Bay Leaves for the Body:

1. Digestive System: Bay leaves can cure various common digestive problems like constipation, heartburn, and acidity.

Taking bay leaves with honey and ginger per day twice will improve the Digestive system. Below is the procedure.

2. Procedure: Take 2-3 Bay Leaves, a small ginger piece, and one spoon of honey. Boil Bay leaves with ginger in water till the water becomes half. Filter the water and Add honey to it. Drink this daily twice i.e., morning and night to improve the digestive system.

3. Diabetes: Bay leaves have the healing power of Type 2 Diabetes. The antioxidants required to create insulin in our body can be produced by bay leaves.

Consuming bay leaves will reduce diabetics, for immediate and effective results follow the below procedure. Eat these every day once or twice, this will control diabetes for 30 days.

These 7 tips are useful to reverse diabetes with diet and exercise, You need proper guidance from health experts

4. Procedure: Take a few bay leaves and dry them to remove all the moisture from the leaves. Then powder them. Now add water to it and drink this mixture every day. Do not skip a single day also to get awesome results.

health benefits of bay leaves

5. Urinary Infection: Bay leaves contain essential oils and other proteins that cure a urinary infection. Proper intake of bay leaves will decrease the infection. Follow the below procedure to cure a urinary infection.

6. Procedure: Take a few bay leaves and powder them finely. Add milk and stir it well. Drink this whenever you feel a problem. Continuously drinking will reduce the different health problems.

7. Joint Inflammation: Many people's common health issue is joint pains irrespective of age. Bay leaves cure joint inflammation smoothen the joint and also reproduce the required liquids in the joints.

Procedure: Take bay leaves essential oil and massage it in the joints regularly. This will reduce the inflammation and increase the liquid in the joints.

8. Heart Problems: It has been proved by many scientists that a compound called caffeic acid present in bay leaves will cure many heart-related problems such as the removal of bad cholesterol, strengthening heart walls, and improving blood pumping in the heart.

Procedure: Add bay leaves powder to salad, Use bay leaves in cooking. Consume bay leaves regularly in any of the forms.

Health Benefits of Bay Leaves for Skin:

1. Acne: Make a paste with bay leaves powder, honey, and rose water to treat acne and get flawless skin. This paste will also remove dark spots and sink open pores from the face. Apply this paste weekly twice for permanent results.

2. Wrinkles: Bay leaves have the capability of removing stress from the body which decreases the growth of wrinkles and breakages due to dead skin. Make a steam of bay leaves with water and inhale it. This will reduce wrinkles and improve skin glow.

3. Skin Infections: Bay leave has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which help in curing different types of skin infections. It even cures cuts, burnings, insect bites, and other fungal infections from the body.

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Health Benefits of Bay Leaves for Hair:

1. Hair Loss: Add bay leaves oil to regular hair oil and mix it well. Use this oil 3-4 times weekly. Regular usage of this oil will reduce hair loss and prevent grey hair.

You can also soak bay leaves in the water a day before a head bath and rinse hair with that water for instant hair smoothness and silky hair.

2. Reduces Lice: Lice can be completely removed by boiling bay leaves in water until 4 glasses of water become 1 glass of water. Massage this water to the scalp and leave it for 4-5 hours. Then rinse it off.

3. Dandruff: To treat dandruff add bay leaves oil to hair oil and massage your scalp, tie a warm towel to the scalp and leave for 30-60 minutes. Then rinse it with shampoo, for effective uses add bay leaf oil to shampoo.

The table presented below will show you the list of nutritional properties in percentages of Health Benefits of Bay Leaves.


Bay leaf Nutritional value per 100          grams                                                  



Nutrient Value

Percentage of RDA


313 Kcal



74.97 g



7.61 g


Total Fat

8.36 g



0 mg


Dietary Fiber

26.3 g






180 mcg



2.005 mg



1.740 mg



0.421 mg


Vitamin A

6185 IU


Vitamin C

46.5 mg






23 mg



529 mg






834 mg



0.416 mg



43 mg



120 mg



8.167 mg



113 mg



2.8 mcg



3.70 mg


Source: USDA National Nutrient database


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