Is drinking more water can reduce obesity?

Is drinking more water can reduce obesity?


Water, nothing new about this term, all our life we heard about the vast advantages of water and its numerous benefits.

Will you believe me if I say water intake will reduce weight? Did you ever think a simple act of drinking a large quantity of water will help in reducing obesity? Yes, drinking more water can reduce obesity. Let’s look at the water benefits for obesity.

As our body is composed of 60% water and is the best existing calorie-free drink, drinking water will hydrate our body, burn calories, boosts metabolism, cleanses the body, naturally suppresses appetite and maintains liver and kidney health.


  • According to a study around 30-40% of US citizens try to control or decrease their weight by increasing their water intake.
  • According to various studies conducted a worldwide minimum of 2 liters of water per day is recommended to everyone to maintain proper health.
  • Several studies stated, people who drank more than 1.5 liters water per day for few weeks observed a decrease in their body weight.
  • A study held at the National Institutes of Health among obese children declared a 25% decrease in body weight.
  • A study held in 2015 among women who drank 250ml of water after lunch for 3-4 weeks observed on an average of 13.6 weight loss.

So, Drink water stay safe and stay healthy!


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