Know How to make Mehndi at home

Know How to make Mehndi at home

Are you looking for steps on how to make mehndi at home? Well, you are at right place to know mehndi preparation process.

Every woman love to adorn her hands with beautiful designs of mehndi. This mehndi paste can easily be made at home in a simple and easy way. There are two different ways to prepare mehndi paste one is, using the natural mehndi leaves and other is by using the mehndi powder purchased from stores.

A lovely and attractive short-term body art design with henna is known as mehndi. This has been extensively used by number of Indian women for traditional functions, particularly marriages or weddings. Women adorn her feet, palms & other body parts with henna paste in order to get a impermanent color design.

In the present era, there are various types of ready-made mehndi cones available in the market, however, still the original homemade mehndi, gives the dark red lovely color to your skin. Every individual can get mehndi cones of various colors from their nearby beauty stores.powder

However, making mehndi at home is such really a nice & natural experience. Natural mehndi gives better color as well as lasts long when compare to other chemical & artificial ones. Now, let's have a look on the following steps, on how to make mehndi at home.

Ingredients required to make mehndi at home :

The following are the ingredients required to make mehndi at home:

  • Mehndi Leaves or ready made mehndi powder
  • Lemon juice
  • Sieve 
  • Water
  • Essential oil
  • Sugar
  • Plastic spoon
  • Plastic, glass or ceramic bowl
  • Plastic cone or any other applicator
  • Plastic wrap

How to make mehndi at home

Women need to follow below steps on how to make mehndi at home:

  1. Initially, collect few bunch of mehndi leaves, wash them thoroughly and allow it to dry in sunlight till it become crisp. Then grind the leaves and make a fine powder. Now filter mehndi powder two or three times and so that leaves become fine powder. if you are purchasing mehndi powder from the market then ensure that it should be in a greenish-brown tint.
  2. Now, take a plastic, glass or ceramic container and pour the enough amount of mehndi powder in it.
  3. Blend three parts of water with one part of lemon juice. Then add 1 tsp of sugar & few drops of essential oil & mix it well till the sugar dissolves in water completely. For more effect, you can also blend tamarind or tea paste in it.
  4. Take 2 tsp of water solution & put it into mehndi powder. Mix it with a plastic spoon till in it gets soaked by the mehndi powder. Then, pour 2 tablespoon of water & repeat process again. In this way, no lumps can be formed in the paste.
  5. Repeat the 4th step, till it becomes smooth paste, whose evenness must be like that of smashed potato, smooth & creamy.
  6. Now cover the container with a plastic wrap and keep it overnight or for 6-7 hours.
  7. Following the completion of 6-7 hours, expose the blend from the container
  8. Take a plastic cone or any other applicator and fill it in with the mehndi paste.
  9. Now, your mehndi paste is ready to use. Start designing!

Key points to remember

  • The fact is natural mehndi lasts longer
  • If you are not using mehndi paste, keep it in a freezer.
  • If you are planning to purchase ready made mehndi powder get a best quality one
  • It is suggested to have some extra mehndi powder, so that if the paste becomes too runny, you can add an additional powder to it.

Tips on how to make mehndi design last longer

The following are the tips on how to make mehndi design last longer on hands and feet.

  • Blend lemon juice along with sugar and make a thick serum. After your mehndi design becomes dry, dab the prepared liquid & coat the design with the help of clean cotton pad. This prevents chipping and your mehndi color becomes darker color.
  • After applying mehndi design leave it for at least 5 hours to attain a beautiful dark color.
  • Avoid using water or soap to remove mehndi, as it might lead to discoloration.
  • After it becomes dry, just shake it off & evade water usage on hands for ten hours.
  • Heat some clove powder on a pan and allow your hands to be exposed the smoke for a while, this process will darken the mehndi design

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