Finger Millet, also known as Ragi is one of the most important cereals which occupy the highest area under cultivation. Nutritionally, ragi is higher in protein and minerals in comparison to all other cereals and millets.

Being low in fat and gluten free, ragi is easy to digest. Ragi has a cooling effect on the body. So be careful while using it in winter (especially if you are eating it for the first time or eating after a very long time).

Sample diet uses for Finger Millet:

Common Name Finger millet
Hindi Name Madua
Gujarati Name Bajri
Telugu Name Ragi
Health Benefits
  • Finger millet is usually effective as a purgative or laxative to treat constipation.
  • It has low gluten and fat. Therefore, people can consume finger millet to prevent overweight.
  • A weakness of the heart is well taken care of through the intake of finger millet. 
  • It is a good component for body rebuilding and wellness on a single go. 

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