Top 10 Foods to Avoid If You Have Arthritis

Top 10 Foods to Avoid If You Have Arthritis

Foods affect the human body in both a good and bad way. There are certain foods which help in curing arthritis, and at the same time, few foods are present which increases the joint pain and along with the increase in risk factors. Hence we came up with the list of foods to avoid if you have arthritis as a pre-precaution to your medical condition.

Here is the list of top 10 foods to avoid if you have arthritis:

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1.Red meat:

Red meat contains a high amount of LDL saturated fat which leads to obesity. Red meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acid and high amount of protein content. Hence, when eaten in limit or low quantity it cures the disease, but excess food can increase the risk factors.


Avoid unwanted, unhealthy sugar content which usually comes from cool drinks, white rice, and other sweet snacks. This leads to an increase in joint pains and stress in the joints. 


As we all know excess consumption of alcohol is the root cause of several diseases. Regular drinking alcohol will lead to high risk in rheumatoid arthritis, and sometimes surgery is needed.


Gluten is a protein substance which is found in different grain products such as wheat, rye, barley. These products are rich in inflammation and are considered as the best food for other diseases including heart diseases but not for joint pains. Consuming more gluten content food increases disease complexity.

5.Salt or Sodium:

Sodium should be eaten in very less quantity. We all want the best taste of the food and the core ingredient is salt, but we need to stop thinking about food and start understanding the importance of health. Never add extra salt in food while eating, or it is better to skip as it increases blood pressure and cuts off many mineral quantities in the body.

6.Fried Foods:

Fried foods are very tasty and we all love to eat them. But foods, when fried, it will remove all the nutrition from it, and excess oil increases bad cholesterol. Especially foods fried in vegetable oil increases many risk factors including heart diseases. It is better to eat fried foods with olive oil occasionally.

7.Processed Foods:

Processed foods which are packed and generally available in supermarkets are not at all good for health as they contain chemicals which keep the food fresh for a long period of time. Overeating of these foods will not fill the nutrition content in the body and leads to several diseases. Due to the lack of calcium and other proteins joint pains increases.

8.Inflammable foods:

Avoid inflammatory foods which are the basic cause of arthritis. Check for anti-inflammatory foods and follow that diet to get rid of joint pains. There are various food types which are rich in inflammation. These foods are good for other diseases but not for arthritis.


There is a long debate on whether coffee is good for health or not. Many scientists around the world proved that if coffee is taken a number of times will increase acidity in the body and if it is opted in limited, it has many amazing health benefits. Drink coffee ones or twice a day.

10.Dairy Products:

Dairy products with unsaturated fat will increase bad cholesterol levels in the body which leads to various types of diseases in the body. Dairy products such as cheese, butter should be eaten in very less quantity for good health.

Hope this list of foods to Avoid If You Have Arthritis is considered as the best food list to prepare a perfect diet chart for arthritis affected people. Kindly follow these foods to avoid if you have arthritis and suggest your loved ones to avoid any further complications. Eat Healthily! Stay Healthy! Be Healthy! Subscribe to our Plus100Years to known more do's and don'ts of the foods list for several diseases.

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