Top 6 Yoga Asanas for Knee Pain and Joint Pain

Top 6 Yoga Asanas for Knee Pain and Joint Pain

Aging can be frustrating, especially due to joint and knee pain. But you can always keep yourself mobile and flexible by doing certain yoga asanas for knee pain. Instead of taking the easiest way out by popping a few painkillers every day in your mouth, you must look for healthier options such as doing yoga asanas for joint pain and restrict consumption of inflammation causing foods.

"Painkillers and analgesic in the end can cause side effects. However, if you take a holistic approach like practicing yoga, it will be beneficial for your overall well being and health."

How Does Yoga Asanas for Knee Pain Help?

As you, age the risk of joint pain, especially knee pain increases because your bone structure becomes weak with aging. Moreover, lack of enough physical exercises and nutrition rich diet contributes in the depletion of bone health.

Although medication alleviates the pain to some extent, following an alternative method such as yoga can help you to get complete relief from the pain. Yoga also calms your mind and tones the body. As a starter, you can start with some basic yoga asanas for knee pain that will help to strengthen your bone and joints.

1. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

In the Dhanurasana or the bow pose, you have to open the shoulders so that the aching joints get some relief. This pose of yoga makes your body more flexible and relieves it of fatigue and stress. In Dhanuransana, a light pressure is exerted on the knees, which increase their mobility and help to release the tension in the tightened nerves around the kneecap.

bridge pose

2. Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)

The Bridge pose strengthens the muscles in the knee joints and is extremely helpful for the patients suffering from osteoporosis. When you perform Setu Bandhasana regularly, it calms your brain and provides relief from stress and anxiety.

3. Makarasana (Crocodile Pose)

Makarasana is one of the easiest of all the yoga asanas for joint pain. It gives relief from the spinal pain and rigid shoulders. It is also advised for getting relief from knee pain because in this asana you have to keep your entire leg straight, which ensures proper flow of blood to the knees.

4. Veerasana (Warrior Pose)

This asana improves the blood supply to the joints and strengthens them. The joints that are benefitted by veerasana include hips, knees, ankles, cervical region, lumbar region and shoulders. Most of the knee problems occur due to obesity.

Veerasana helps to remove the stubborn abdominal fat from the body and reduce weight so that the weight on your knee is cut down considerably. Performing the warrior pose regularly also improves the flexibility of the spine and helps to maintain proper body posture and balance.

5. Veerabhadrasana

Veerabhadrasana is recommended to patients suffering from frozen shoulders. However, it also tones and strengthens the lower back, lower legs and arms and improves the balance of the body. It is especially helpful to people with deskbound or sedentary jobs.

6. Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Ustrasana makes the shoulders strong and tones the back, knee joints and arms. It improves the flexibility of the spine and provides relief from lower backache. In ustrasana, the whole balance of the body rests on the lower limb and the knees. While performing this asana, the knee joints are stretched, making them more flexible.

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