Summer is ahead, and the most worried part is our hair, and many of us are confused to get information on home remedies for hair care in summer. So here we are to provide you the top and best hair care treatments which help in keeping your hair healthy in summer. Know the list of top 20 home remedies for hair care in summer. Learn how effectively these will work.

Home Remedies for Hair care in summer Foods:

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1.Juices: Drinking plenty of fresh juices will help in enriching the hair roots and helps in new hair growth. Always opt for fresh juices with no added preservatives or glucose content. Try to drink at least a glass of juice every day. The juices may include any of the fruits, vegetables depending on the choice. 

2.Fruits: Eat plenty of fresh and seasonal fruits every day. Eating fruits will open up hair roots and increase the hair growth compared normal levels. These fruits not only make healthier to hair but also to the whole body immune system. Include different fruits in your diet plan and add them to your meals.

3.Vegetables: Eating a variety of vegetables will help in the rapid growth of hair and controls hair fall. It is not only healthy but also provides enough nutrient factors to grow hair and keep it in condition.

4.Diet: We have listened to this Diet word Zillion times, and we all know the importance of it. But, only a few follow it properly. Eating at the correct time, following proper diet chart, maintaining balanced diet are the form of good diet practitioner. Eating healthy food in every possible way helps in protecting hair from sun damage.

Hair Beauty Tips for Summer Season:

Try these Home Made Hair Packs protect hair from sun UV rays. These are the best home remedies for hair care in summer hair packs which are suggested by many beauty experts.

1.Hot Oil Massage: Hot oil massage for hair therapy is considered as the most effective hair treatment. Make the oil warm and gentle massage all over the scalp. It helps the hair roots to become stronger and healthier. Oil massage can be done through any other below oils or any combinational oils which are mentioned below.

  1. Coconut Oil
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Castor Oil
  4. Almond Oil
  5. Mustard Oil

2.Vinegar: Vinegar has amazing health benefits. It keeps hair silky, fresh and fizzy free. Dilute vinegar with water and rinse hair with it regularly. This process will keep hair smooth, soft and protect from the summer heat.

3.Egg Hair Mask: Egg is called as natural hair conditioner. It protects from hair damages. Keeps scalp clean, strengthens hair, etc. Bite an egg either egg white or whole egg including yolk and add few drops of lemon or milk or any other ingredient and apply to the scalp.

4.Banana and Honey: Get smooth and bouncy hair with banana juice and honey hair pack. Mix banana with honey and apply throughout the scalp. Leave it for some time and rinse it with lukewarm water and shampoo your hair to remove the dried pack from hair.

5.Aloe Vera and Lemon: Extract Aloe Vera from the tree and remove the outer part. Blend the inner part with lemon juice. Now add this pack to your hair for strong, black, healthy hair care. Leave the mast for some time depending on the possible ways. Rinse the pack and apply shampoo. Aloe Vera also reduces heat from the head and cools the brain. Follow this pack at least twice a week for better results.

6.Beer: For the easy and best hair care solution, follow the beer shampoo process. Shampoo your hair and clean it neatly with beer. Pour beer on your scalp and rinse it thoroughly. Do this frequently and see the improvised results.

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Things to be avoided:

Avoid these points for good results on home remedies for hair care in summer to protect your hair in the summer heat.

1.Hair Heating Products: Avoid hair care products such as hair straightener, curler, and epilators as they not only damage your hair but also ruins your health because of the heat generated and passed through the body.

 2.More hair cosmetics: More hair cosmetics lead to more damage to the hair. These cosmetics will weaken the hair and increases hair fall.

3.Frequent hair coloring: Hair coloring is the new love for every girl. But these colors are filled with different chemicals and other substances which are un-natural products and will increase hair fall, dandruff, and gray hair.

4.Ready-made hair packs: More usage of packed or ready-made hair packs are not prepared with the natural organic material. These are the result of various chemicals, and other powders will give temporary happiness and permanent sadness. Over usage of these will increase baldness, gray hair and hair loss.

5.Every day Shampooing hair: Shampooing your hair everyday weakens hair and makes hair dry and dead. It kills the hair from its roots and disables the opportunity for regrowth of the hair. It is recommended to shampoo for every three days.

Tips for Summer Hair Care:

Follow these Summer Hair Care Tips if you want to avoid hair fall, dandruff, dry hair, split ends and get healthy, smooth, silky, strong hair.

1.Hydrate yourself: Drink plenty of water. Water helps to make healthier hair, and it is an easy hair protecting treatment. According to many doctors drinking at least eight glass of water every day has any number of hair health benefits.

2.Regular Hair Wash: Hair wash with minimal gaps is necessary to keep hair neat and clean from dust and pollution. Make sure to get hair washed with organic products or conditioner or apply any of these home remedies for hair care in summer.

 3.Go organic: Consider organic hair care products to keep your hair neat, healthy, strong, smooth and silky all the time. As these contain very less amount of added chemicals and other preservatives, the damage percentage is very low compared to the market shampoos.

4.Love your Hair Conditioner: Do not forget to condition your hair after every hair wash. Conditioning hair will increase the hair growth system and helps in natural shine, smoothness and silky to the hair.

5.Cover your hair in Sun: When you are traveling in the sun, tie up your hair and cover it with the scarf or protect in any way from sun UV rays as they directly fall on your head and damage hair from its roots. If the sun rays directly fall on your body, there are chances of getting various hair and skin diseases and defects. So, be careful while traveling in the sun.

Follow these points on home remedies for hair care in summer and remember them to follow in your daily routine. Hope you got a solution on How to Protect Your Hair in Summer from this article.

Try any of these hair care remedies in this summer and do write back to us about your experience. Summer Tips! Healthy Hair! Strong Hair! Happy You! Happy We!

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