The causes of miscarriage during pregnancy are numerous. Let us first know what pregnancy is. Pregnancy is a whole new delighting phase that the couples have in their life. Becoming fathers and mothers is a special feeling that no one can ever describe and put them in words.

But when you are over the moon and all of a sudden you get to know that you are no more carrying a baby is something that is terrible and devastating. It is the most emotional and the most sensitive period the couples have and this should be faced with a positive attitude. 

Getting to know more about how miscarriages happen can helps a lot in passing through the terrible phase of life.

What to do to know the causes of miscarriage during pregnancy?

The information that the doctors provide would not be in details and you will just have to nod your head and come back home with a shrug from everyone around. The pitiable and the sympathetic words that pour would not at all help you at that period of time.

The only thing that can help you move on with this phase is the knowledge and the information about the causes of miscarriages that happens during pregnancy.

Miscarriage During Pregnancy

Why does miscarriage happen?

Miscarriage happens when the baby that is conceived is miscarried by the mother due to various reasons. The fetus is lost in this process and this usually happens in the first trimester of the pregnancy. 

There could be different causes depending upon each woman and some of the most common causes are mentioned below. Miscarriages during pregnancy are also known as spontaneous abortion.

It's cause

There are actually numerous causes that differ from each person. But getting to know a handful of causes would help you to rule out your case too in a major way. The first and the foremost is the abnormal formation of the chromosome during the formation of the embryo. There could be any reason for this and it is natural that the formation stops and results in miscarriage.

The chromosomal disorder is the most common cause and it is most natural cause that most of the woman have in their miscarriages. The next one is the lifestyle. The alcohol, drug consumption, chain smoking are also the most common causes of miscarriage during pregnancy.diabetes and the thyroid patients are more prone to miscarriages.

They are also the most common causes of miscarriages during pregnancy. The physical complication in the mother could also be the cause of miscarriage. There are so many physical complications like cervical incompetency, septum polyps could also be the cause.

The external physical complications could also cause miscarriage. For instance, if the woman who is pregnant got severe external hurt on her abdomen can become the reason for miscarrying.

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