Insulin pump as the name suggests is related to delivering insulin to the body continuously all through the day.

It is a small computerized device that mimics the functioning of the pancreas of releasing insulin but for proper release of insulin, it requires you to tell the exact amount of insulin to be injected.

The insulin is delivered in two ways:

  • When the insulin is released through the pump continuously it has to be released in a basal rate during which small insulin trickle keeps on flowing down keeping the blood glucose of your body stable in between the day meals and during night.
  • In a bolus rate, a higher rate of insulin is released just before eating so as to cover the type of food you are planning to eat at that particular meal.?

Main Goal Behind Using Insulin Pump

The main goal behind using an insulin pump is to control the blood sugar levels to live a life free of any complications.

An insulin pump helps you to manage your day-to-day diabetes demands and manage this health issue along with other demands of life.

With the help of an insulin pump, you can manage the requirement of your insulin and also carry along your regular lifestyle.

This saves you from having to undergo the hassle of taking injections and keeping track of insulin daily.

insulin pump

For the initial few days, you should work with the diabetes care team so that you understand your target levels for understanding your particular requirement of blood glucose levels.

People from all ages having type 1 diabetes can use the insulin pump. Lately, even people with type 2 diabetes have started using them.

Advantages of Insulin Pump

  • Precise delivery of insulin
  • Flexible lifestyle
  • Accurate control over 1/10 unit of the insulin
  • Reduces the chances of severe hypoglycemia
  • Help manage the dawn phenomenon

Disadvantages of Insulin Pump

  • Risk of diabetic ketoacidosis due to absorption or pump malfunction problems
  • Skin infection risks at the site of catheter
  • Expensive insulin pumps

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