Why Sexual Dysfunction in Women is a Serious Problem?

Why Sexual Dysfunction in Women is a Serious Problem?

Sexual dysfunction in women has become an increasing problem that not only affects the women sexuality but also affects the being of women. Also, it has been shown to affect the social, physical and economic well-being of women. Female Sexual Dysfunction is related to problems with desire, orgasm, arousal, and pain.

Sexual Problems in Women is mainly referred to a drop in sexual desire or libido & vaginal dryness.Medications, extreme alcohol consumption, diseases, depression, vaginal infections, relationship problems, pregnancy, abuse, breastfeeding, stress, menopause, fatigue & boredom.

What is Sexual Dysfunction in Women

The term Sexual Dysfunction in Women means a disorder in women at the phase of sex response cycle that prevents from sexual satisfaction. The response of sexual cycle includes four phases such as excitement, orgasm, plateau, & resolution.

According to the researchers, Female Sexual Dysfunction is common in 43% of women and most of the women hesitant or embarrassed to discuss this topic. However, now with the advancement in medical technology Female Sexual Dysfunction cases are treatable, so it is essential to share the concerns with your doctor & partner.

What Causes Sexual Dysfunction in Women?

sexual dysfunction

The cause of Sexual Problems in Women can be physical or psychological concerns.

Physical causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Women 

A number of physical or medical issues can also result in causing sexual function disorder. These situations include heart disease, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, neurological diseases, menopause and chronic diseases such as kidney disease or liver failure, and drug abuse or alcoholism. Further, the side effects of few medications, subsuming few antidepressant drugs, affects sexual desire & function.

Psychological causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Women 

The problems such as stress & anxiety, relationship problems, concern regarding sexual performance, guilty feeling, and depression are some of the Psychological causes.

Who Is Affected by Sexual Dysfunction?

The problem of Sexual Dysfunction is seen in both men and women. They occur in adults of all ages. Among those usually affected are older adults, and they can be related to declining in health-related with aging.

Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

The symptoms depend on the type of female sexual dysfunction:

The inability of sexual desire:

Lack of sexual interest & willingness to have sex is most common female sexual dysfunctions.

Sexual arousal disorder:

The desire for sex might be intact, but the difficulty with arousal or are unable to become aroused or uphold arousal at the time of sexual activity is another type of Sexual Dysfunction in Female.

Orgasmic disorder:

The difficulty in recurrent in achieving orgasm even after having an enough sexual arousal & ongoing stimulation.

Painful intercourse: 

Pain with sexual stimulation or Intercourse.

Female Sexual Dysfunction can be Diagnosed

In order to diagnose female sexual dysfunction, the doctor will begin with physical exam & a detailed evaluation of symptoms. Also, a doctor may do a pelvic exam to assess the health of reproductive organs and a Pap smear to notice changes in the cells of the cervix.

Also, a doctor can ask the patient to undergo few other tests to rule out medical problems that can be contributing to woman's sexual dysfunction. An assessment of your attitudes about sex, & other possible contributing factors like fear, past sexual trauma/abuse, anxiety, relationship problems, or alcohol or drug abuse helps the doctor in understanding the underlying cause of patients sexual problem & make appropriate treatment recommendations.

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Female Sexual Dysfunction Treated

The perfect approach to treat female sexual dysfunction includes the effort of the patient, trained therapists& doctors. Most of the sexual problems are corrected by treating the underlying psychological or physical problems.

Other treatment strategies emphasis on the following:

Providing education:

Educating the patient about sexual function, human anatomy, & the normal changes related to aging, and sexual behaviors & appropriate responses can assist a woman in getting rid of her anxieties regarding sexual function & performance.

Enhancing stimulation:

This includes the use of erotic materials (videos or books), changes in sexual routines and masturbation.

Distraction methods:

Exercises with intercourse, fantasies related to Erotic/ non-erotic, music, videos, or television can be used to overcome anxiety & boost relaxation.

Encouraging non-coital behaviors:

This means Non-coital behaviors like sensual massage is used to promote comfort between partners.

Minimizing pain:

Using sexual positions that enable the woman to control the penetration depth and assist in relieving some pain. Vaginal lubricants help in reducing pain caused by friction, & warm bath before intercourse helps in increasing relaxation.

Is it possible to cure Female Sexual Dysfunction?

The female sexual dysfunction treatment success depends on the cause of the problem. The factors that are associated to dysfunction in women such as stress, fear or anxiety frequently can be treated successfully by educating, proving counseling & better communication between partners.

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