Awareness about blood donation is slowly increasing. People even in the rural areas are now coming forward to donate blood. However, there are a lot of misconceptions and prejudices against donating blood, which restricts even the educated community from doing this noble cause.

Significance of Blood Donation

Donating blood is one of the best and the most active ways of helping the society and our community. Saving someone's life, irrespective of religion, caste and creed is possible by donating blood.

All you have to do is give few moments of your day to save a person's life. It is a very simple, painless and safe procedure carried out by the specialist medical staff. The donor does not face any harm or risk.

People donating blood

Blood Cannot be Made

Even though the field of medicine has advanced rapidly in the past few decades, it still cannot prepare blood. Hence, the only way a blood loss or requirement can be fulfilled is by blood donation from another person.

According to medical experts, each blood donation contributes three types of blood components, each playing a major role in treatment and thus helps to treat three different people at one time.

Limited Life of Blood Components

  • It is possible to keep the red blood cell concentrates only for 42 days. After that, the blood is of no use. Hence, the blood bank is constantly seeking donors who are ready to give blood at least once or twice a year.
  • It is possible to store plasma for almost a year
  • Platelets cannot be stored beyond five days

Thus, the three components that are obtained when a person donates blood have limited life. Hence frequent blood donation is must to meet the continuous demand for blood in the hospitals and healthcare units that regularly carry out different medical procedures and surgical interventions. These treatments cannot be carried out without blood transfusions.

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Make Blood Donation a Routine

To ensure that there is no blood shortage, each aware citizen must donate blood not only during emergencies, but also as a part of his routine. It helps to develop a sufficient amount of bloodstock in the bank and no one will die of blood shortage.

How Many Times A Person Can Donate Blood in a Year?

Men can donate blood maximum up to four times in a year whereas women can donate three times a year. Make sure that there is a gap of at least two months between the donations.

Growing Use of Blood

Healthcare industry uses highly advanced technology for treating patients. Hence, the use of blood components and transfusions has become an essential part of the healthcare procedure today.

Availability of special intensive-care units, advanced treatments for diseases that were earlier considered almost incurable have increased life expectancy thereby, increasing the demand for blood.

Do Not Wait For Emergency

Are you still in two minds about donating blood? Never wait for an emergency or special reason to donate blood. The growing need for blood says that your contribution should be constant so that you become a reliable and healthy blood supplier who believes in helping save lives.

Moreover, you will always feel good when you donate blood as it is always for a good cause.

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