gayatri mantra chanting rules

Updated: 05-12-2023

What is the Gayatri Mantra?

The Gayatri Mantra is one of the famous Sanskrit mantras that has been popular for many thousands of years. The mantra is considered one of the oldest mantras with high relieving power.

It was written during the Vedic period. This mantra is believed to contain a complete definition of the universe in short.

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" Gayatri mantra is a mantra worshiping goddess Gayatri Matha. "

The Gayatri Mantra and its Significance

In the Gayatri mantra, there are 24 syllables given below with their correct pronunciation. The Gayatri mantra was explained in Rig Veda.


Gayatri mantra chanting rule

Gayatri mantra in English text 

Om Bhuh , Bhuvah, Swaha

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat

Pronunciation Of Gayatri Mantra

Aumm Bhoor Bhoo-Va Su-Va-Ha

Tat Sa Vee-Toor Var-Ayn-Yam

Bar-Go Day-Vas-Ya Dhee-Ma-Hee

Dhee-Yo Yo Nah Pra-Cho-Da-Yaat

What is the meaning of the Gayatri Mantra?

According to Gayatri Mantra, it translates as O my divine mother helps to illuminate all kinds of mental, physical as well and spiritual soul in me. May your power let us remove darkness from our hearts and fill us with true knowledge.

According Dr.Howard Steingeril, an american scientist, collected Mantras & Hymns and invocations from all over the world and tested their strength in his Physiology Laboratory.

GAYATRI MANTRA produced 110,000 sound waves per second.

The Gayatri Mantra's word-to-word meaning

  • Om- The Primeval Sound
  • Bhur- The human body, earth, and existence of reality
  • Bhuvah- The powerful energy, consciousness, and heaven
  • Suvah- The soul, inner peace, spirituality
  • Tat- That
  • Savitur- The solar power
  • Varenyam- Adorence,the best
  • Bhargo- Divine light, Inner-luminous
  • Devasya- Radiant
  • Dhimahi- The intellectual
  • Yo- Which
  • Nah- Ours
  • Parchodayat- Inspire, illumination

The Gayatri Mantra- A Power of Knowledge, Light, and Peace

The Gayatri Mantra expresses gratitude and praise for all the power of transformation, realization, inner growth, etc. If you regularly meditate with this mantra, the power of this mantra will purify your heart and fill your heart with lots of bliss, love, and wisdom.

In Hindu culture, the sun has been treated as a spiritual light for a long time. When we chant the mantra, we are trying to catch the frequency of universal light in the earth to spread over the darkness of ourselves.

The word “savior” in the mantra symbolizes Savitri, the Vedic sun deity. The Gayatri mantra is an essence of all kinds of mantras that completely contain the meaning of power behind the sun and the mother of the whole universe.

The mantra contains the name of goddess Gayatri Devi, the god of knowledge, and we refer to her as "The mother of the Vedas".Her appearance seems like five heads 10 arms, and she has the ride of a swan.

Her five faces depict her five pranas, or simply the five elements of the universe. In simple words, the Gayatri Devi combinedly contains three strengths in herself as the strength of Goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Kali. They are wisdom, strength, and protection

Essential Benefits, and Gayatri Mantra Chanting Rules

If you regularly start to chant the Gayatri Mantra, you will begin to feel that some spiritual light is getting filled in you along with your family, friends, and all nearby communities.

To pray Gayatri Mata with Gayatri Mantra that person must get permission with a ceremony called Uapanayana Samskara.

“Upa”+ “Nayanam” means 'close to bringing'. After Upanayana a person to bring closer to the Guru or Divine Gayatri Matha. In many areas in India Upanayana is also called the 'sacred thread ceremony'.

In this ceremony, either the father or guru gives the mantra upadesha to the child.

The magical sound of the Gayatri mantra brings us a truth of ourselves that is pure and truthful. It gives us a deep understanding that we are already perfect beings who have given us the best to do things in an ideal way.
When we chant it, we feel ourselves connected with the power of the universe, which this highly blessed with its abundance.

If you continuously practice this mantra in your meditation, it will bring peace, grace, joy, and happiness to your life. Moreover, it also heals our body, strengthens our concentration level, heals our body, and protects us from thoughts of negativity, anger, fear, hatred, greed, etc.

It is claimed that chanting the Gayatri mantra at least ten times a day would eliminate all the bad energy from your life for a lifetime. However, it is chanted 108 times daily, which can also eliminate negative power from your previous life.

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What is the way to chant the Gayatri Mantra?

There is no particular about chanting the Gaytri Manta; you can chant it any time during the day. But it is advisable to chant it early in the morning and nighttime before you go to sleep to get its instant benefits.
It's essential to keep your mind focused while you chant each word of the mantra. And feel the vibrational sound while you chant with your eyes closed.

There are lots of benefits to chanting the mantra slowly. If you try to visualize the power of light entering your heart while you recite the mantra, the different powers will feel.

Gayatri mantra chanting rule

My experience is here I have been chanting the Gayatri mantra since my childhood after getting the upadesha from my father at my threading ceremony.I have seen many good results in my life. for more details contact us On WhatsApp: 9398601060

Gayatri Mantra chanting rules

  • To start the Gayatri mantra chanting, the person needs upadesha its a kind of permission with some process, Get upadesha with Yagnopavitha.
  • Basically, you get upadesha from a Guru or from your father.
  • Wear tilak .shiva devotees wear bhasma along with Thilak on their  forehead 
  • Sit properly in a quiet place where you won’t feel distracted.
  • Use Kusha-based mat for good results

  • Take Sankalp as a reason to chant this mantra 
  • For better results 108 chanting is preferable and if you want do more.
  • Do it after the bath morning and evening 
  • Lit a Diya before starting to chant the Gayatri mantra 
  • According to ancient Sandhyopasana vidhi a person can do 3 times in a day early morning, afternoon, and evening around sunset time
  • Use holy basil Japa mala or rudraksha Japa mala for counting purposes
  • Now close your eyes softly and start taking slow, gentle breaths.
  • Concentrate on your breath while it goes and comes out.
  • Chant your mantra while you take breaths in and breathe out.
  • Now keep repeating it for next time with a deep focus on breathing itself.
  • Keep on repeating it more and more times.
  • After reciting the lot several times, take a deep breath to feel the power of the mantra in your heart, body, and mind.
  • Keep on repeating the mantra daily until you start feeling positive energy started getting into you.

Once you start chanting the Gayatri mantra you see good results, it purifies your soul and improves positivity. hope this article has given valuable information about Gayatri's mantra chanting rules.

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