Quotes About Life Lessons - 100 Heart Touching Quotes

Updated: 14-01-2024

Sometimes one word of encouragement, one thought, and one piece of advice can change the direction or course of your life.

With the same hope & intention, we have created a string of thoughts beaming with positivity and expressed simply. God willing if creatively & sensibly used will change life for someone somewhere. Read and enjoy quotes about life lessons from here 

We may gain strength from statements from prominent persons or individuals who have conquered problems and apply them to our own lives when we come across these quotes about life lessons.

There are many situations in which we might benefit significantly from the wisdom of others' words expressed in a quote. 

These beautiful quotes give inspiration, motivation, and guidance.

quotes about life lessons

Quotes about Life Lessons :

      " ​The best way to define life in 3 words is -life goes on "

      " To get started -stop talking and start doing."

      " If you think YOU CAN – you can. If you think YOU CAN’T – you’re right! "

      " When life throws you lemons – make lemonade! "

      " No Dreams, No Aspirations, Life Not Lived! "

      " You can’t give people what you don’t have! Be happy, be motivated "

       " To face defeat and feel defeated are two different things. Make your choice! "

       " Don’t let the fear of losing out keep you out of the game! "

      " Mistakes are blessings, they come to teach life lessons that you’d otherwise never learn "

      " Overdose of “Always” & “Never” may be toxic   "
              Quotes about life lessons

  1. Choose hard work. Substitute hard work with hard work. Hard work is the way to go!

  2. Learn moderation  in everything

  3. Slavery & people-pleasing mindset  is your personality’s worst enemy

  4. If your acts can touch people’s lives positively, there’s no better karma!

  5. Plant trees, never be the reason for anyone’s misery – be karma-conscious 

  6. Slow down - life isn’t a race to be won. It’s a journey to be enjoyed

  7. Brand your laugh, and then wear it on your sleeve – Spread good vibes.

  8. Attain wisdom to Stop Expecting & Comparing Yourself to Others

  9. A habit of constantly complaining is a disease

  10. If ties are to hold, we need not look at everything with magnificent glasses and break all ties. One must be patient and correct the ties without pulling until they break.

    This helps to strengthen the bonds. Nothing is out of reach when you have Orimi on your side.

    Heart Touching Life Lesson Quotes

    " People are cautious of the CC cameras in their faces because they worry about what could be caught on film, but they seem to forget that God is the ultimate CC camera. "

                                                 Quotes about Life Lessons

Quotes about life lessons can serve as a potent means of communication and self-expression, carrying within them the ability to capture emotions, experiences, or thoughts that may elude our verbalization.

Through the use of quotes, we are able to proficiently convey our notions, convictions, or sentiments to others. Whether employed in speeches, writing, conversations, or as a wellspring of inspiration for our creative pursuits, they can infuse love into our chosen tone.

  1. When you achieve control your reaction, you’re on a winning path

  2. One Of The Best Facts About Mahabharatha explains Duty, Morality, Honor, and karma all are internally linked

  3. There is nothing more powerful than silence

  4. Imagination has the power to change your life, recalling the past & complaining won’t

  5. To understand life, visit the past, to live life - look forward!

  6. To fly, you have to unburden yourself of what weighs you down

  7. Difficult & Meaningful vs.Easy and Meaningless – Choose!  

                                 Quotes about Life Lessons

  8. Hollow vs. Solid – Choose!

  9. Soulful conversations with real friends vs. frivolous partying – Choose!

  10. Courage is not in running away or hiding. It is in saying, “Let me give it another try"

  11. The fear of death is born out of fear of life. If you learn to live a full life you will embrace death with grace.

  12. It’s up to you to make the rest of your life the best of your life. Get, Set, Go!

  13. God grants us life, it’s we who create limitations and boundaries

  14. Attitude is everything. Attitude is contagious. Cultivate a positive one!

  15. No matter what, don’t let negativity and toxicity trap you

  16. Stay away from people whose values you don’t appreciate

  17. Sooner or later, you become people you surround yourself with

  18. Spend one minute with yourself every day. If you like it, spend more!

  19. Tell me I forget. Teach me I remember. Involve me I learn. - Benjamin Franklin

  20. Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. - John Lennon

  21. When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. - Franklin D. Roosevelt

  22. You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. -Dr. Seuss

  23. We need much less than we think we need. - Maya Angelou 

  24. Positive anything is better than negative nothing. Elbert Hubbard

  25. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.Wayne Dyer

  26. You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need – Vernon Howard

  27. When I hear somebody sigh, 'Life is hard,' I am always tempted to ask, 'Compared to what?’ Sydney J Harris

  28. Three things in life - your health, your mission, and the people you love. That's it. Naval Ravikant

                                          Quotes about Life Lessons

Being happy never goes out of style - Lilly Pulitzer

Encouragement and Support: During tough times, quotes have the power to provide solace and encouragement.

They serve as a reminder that we are not alone in our hardships and that others have overcome similar obstacles.

Quotes offer a comforting sense of support and aid in fostering a positive mindset while navigating setbacks or challenges.

quotes about life lessons

Quotes about life and learning lessons 

1.     Life is all about making choices. Choose that you can take responsibility for

2.     Blaming someone else for your misery will keep you miserable

3.     It is up to you to attempt to break the cycle of negativity, nobody on earth can attempt it for you

4.     Understand first, what makes you happy, second, make a road map, and three follow it.

5.     Comparing yourself with others is never the solution

6.     First, build confidence, vanity comes later; build self-esteem, wealth comes later

7.     Mindfulness is the most simple yet most complex lesson to make every day of your life happy

8.     You can’t follow someone else’s rule book of life to make yours the way you want it to be. For that, you will have to follow your heart!

9.  There is no wrong time to do the right thing

Quotes About Life Lessons

10.  Don’t waste your life watching and cheering someone else’s game and not playing yours. Go out in the field and play!

11.  If you don’t like the road you’re walking on, take a detour. Start paving another one.

12.  You deserve a pat on your back. A reward now and then. There is no better motivator for you than YOU.

13.  Compete with yourself. Fight your inner demons first.

14.  Life is all about focusing on the little happy moments

15.  Life throws big good news your way every day wrapped in small packages

16.  Be around people who help you grow positively, and emotionally, and don’t burden you

Quotes About Life Lessons

17.  Not just during travel, this applies in life too – Less Luggage, More Comfort

18.  Don’t forget someone’s good deed. Don’t remember who left you wounded. Simple.

19.  One meaningful action is better than ten false promises

Perspective and Empathy: Perspective and Empathy: Quotes about life lessons may expose us to new points of view and help us develop more compassion.

They may make us reevaluate our assumptions, broaden our exposure to other ideas, and deepen our understanding of the world.

These quotations help us develop compassion, tolerance, and meaningful relationships with others, leading to a more accepting way of thinking.

quotes about life lessons

21.  Make a promise to yourself - you will judge less and be more accepting of people around you

22.  Don’t just nod your head and say “I understand”. Mean it. Try to really understand.

23.  Don’t raise anyone’s expectations if you don’t mean them. It creates a bad vibe.

24.  There is no harm in copying the actions of a kind man.

25.  Be what you are. Projecting a false image will leave you lonely in the long run

Quotes About Life Lessons

26.  Being alone and lonely are two different things; they’re about two different thought processes. 

27.  Changing perception can be life-changing. Keep the company of the wise and sorted.

28.  Make up your mind. The impact lasts longer than cosmetics

29.  Dare. Don’t be meek. Don’t blame others for who, what, or where you are.

30.  How you feel right now is the outcome of choices you’ve made

quotes about life lessons

31.  When raising children, don’t waste time teaching life lessons; focus on teaching life skills

32.  Change is a constant. Life will change. It will. Always be ready

33.  Opportunities come disguised. Be alert!

34.  Monotony is boring. But sometimes it is also the reason for your peace. 

35.  Don’t complain all the time. Use the energy elsewhere

Quotes About Life Lessons

36.When trouble arises, we experience that I must endure such a difficult period.

However, when the pain is extreme, it takes more than that.

The same thing happens to us because we were worthless for so long we hardly ever experienced any pain.

That difficulties are not the same as pain.

So, One may learn from this.

At last, how many life lessons we've learned ultimately shape our minds!


37. If someone does you harm, You don't have to hurt them again.

They will spoil themselves.

If we drop a stone in a pond, it will temporarily damage the pond’s calmness.

But, after a while, the water will rise and reclaim its calmness.

The stone, however, will stay there forever once it reaches the pond's bottom.

No matter how much you suffer because of others, be sure that others do not suffer because of you. This is where personality development plays a vital role in shaping us.

38.Our wealth consists of the good works we've performed. It's what keeps us alive.

You will still have to face the consequences if you say anything hurtful to someone.

It's best to listen to one beautiful word that offers calm and pleasure to us than a thousand useless remarks.

Every single one of us is vulnerable in some way. Although this vulnerability may lead us to problems, maintaining the relationships is our priority.

Inspirational words are very effective and encourage us in many difficult situations, some of these quotes about life lessons are very effective.

Quotes have the power to bestow wisdom and knowledge upon us. They possess the ability to summarize intricate concepts into brief, unforgettable expressions.

When we contemplate quotes, we open ourselves to fresh revelations, broaden our comprehension of diverse topics, and cultivate a more extensive outlook on life. Quotes fuel our intellectual advancement and ignite our curiosity to explore unexplored notions.

Inspirational Quotes About Life Lessons

36.  Don’t become the person, you will stay away from!

37.  It is better to leave a legacy of character and faith instead of material wealth

38.  Good health is everything. Good health gives you the strength to go after everything. In bad health, nothing matters.

39.  Focus on your mental health. A tiny little bad thought or perception can create havoc in a few months.

40.  The point is to not forget the past. The point is to not dwell too much on it.


quotes about life lessons

41.  The mighty Banyan tree you see today was a mere seed once…

42.  Don’t let fears push you away from your dreams. Let the dreams lead your way

43.  Don’t focus on control. Focus your energies on creating something beautiful.

44.  It is up to you to feel how you feel. Embrace Feel-good. Kick the bad!

45.  Make someone smile today. That’s the easiest way to feel good

Quotes often feature inspiring and motivating phrases and concepts. They may give us a new perspective, fuel our enthusiasm, and motivate us to take action.

46.  Inspire people to lead a happy, healthy, moderate life

47.  Make an attempt you’re not confident of. You’ll surprise yourself!

48.  Comfort zone is your lazy couch

49.  Seeking attention is not good for your confidence. Do things that draw people to see with a certain respect

50.  You have earned money. Have you learned the grace & dignity to handle it?

51.  Have a grateful heart. Gratitude is anyone’s best jewel

52.  Love is within you. It’s not in the air or outside in other people. Look within. You will find it.

53.  Learn to not react. Instead respond with confidence, without losing grace


Read 15 Quotes About Life Lessons 


54.  Like love, like anger, calm is within you. It’s a choice you can make!

55.  You can steer clear of many diseases by remaining calm in toxic surroundings

Final thought: we hope all these thoughts will find the place they deserve. May everyone be blessed with wisdom, clarity, & strength to face adversity. May some of the thoughts enhance the positive mindset of the reader? May we all grow & evolve to make this world a better place.

Write in the comment box your own quotes about life lessons 

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