• Atherosclerosis Diet
    October 24, 2015

    Atherosclerosis is a condition in which cholesterol calcium and biochemical waste are deposited in the walls of blood vessels. It is an underlying cause of most heart attacks and strokes.

    Principle of diet:

    A low calorie, complex carbohydrates, normal protein, restricted fat, low sodium and potassium, high fiber, high vitamins and mineral diet should be provided.

    • Whole milk should be avoided.
    • HDL (high density lipoprotein) is good cholesterol that helps to prevent atherosclerosis.
    • Omega 3 fatty acids should be included which protects the heart from clots and inflammation and reduces the risk of heart strokes.
    • Drinks and alcohol will be raising blood pressure and triglyceride level. Hence should be restricted.
    • Salt should be taken in low amounts.
    • Potassium should be restricted as it results in irregular heart beat and may result to death. Hence, Leached fruits and vegetables should be given.

    Foods to be included for Atherosclerosis diet:

    Deep sea fish, omega 3 fish oil like salmon and tuna, soy milk, almonds, oat meal, oat bran(contains high amounts of soluble fiber), brown rice, wheat pasta, legumes such as kidney beans, lentils and chick pea can also be included.

    legumes should be included for Atherosclerosis diet


    Foods to be avoided for Atherosclerosis diet:

    Saturated fats, trans-fat, cholesterol, refined carbohydrates like sugar foods, soft drinks, sweet baked foods, and salt were avoided. Whole milk dairy products including yogurt, cheese, ice creams, margarine, fried foods, egg yogurt, organ meats are not be included.

    margarine should be avoided for Atherosclerosis diet


    Sample diet for Atherosclerosis

    [table id=12 /]

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