simple tips to reduce backpain problem

Updated: 05-03-2024

Author : Ashritha Pendkar


In a world where we often seek complex solutions for our health issues, the simplest remedies can be the most powerful!

Top 10 tips to ease your back pain:

From proper posture techniques to exercises and yoga stretches, incorporate these easy tips into your daily routine to significantly manage and reduce back pain.

Here are the top 10 tips to ease your back pain:

1. Improve your core muscle strength: The lower back supports your entire body. Hence, muscle strength is essential to reduce lower back stress and joints.

2. Exercise daily: Add exercises such as yoga, core stability exercise, walking, running, swimming, and other activities to improve your back posture and physical functioning.

3. Watch your weight: Being overweight always tends to strain the lower back. Always control your weight by checking the ideal weight according to your physical posture.

According to the dietitian following 27 tips are useful in the weight loss journey ..

4. Alcohol consumption and smoking habits: smoking restricts the flow of blood in the nutrients in the spinal discs. Alcohol makes your body weak, strains your body posture, and makes you vulnerable to back pain.

5. Calcium and vitamin D intake: one of the most common causes of back pain which can be prevented by Strong bones. Consume plenty of foods filled with vitamin D and calcium to keep bones strong. 

6. Quality sleep: sleeping in proper posture will relax your lower back and reduce pain. Sleep flat, or put a pillow on your knees or under your lower back to reduce pain.

7. Posture habits: Always check your posture while standing on heels or shoes.

Poor sitting postures will strain your disc and increase back pain. Walk once in a while to reduce pain. Practicing these 7 yoga poses will helps for perfect posture 

8. Working patterns with a laptop or system: using a computer or system without proper posture will strain your eyes and neck and add pressure to your bones and back.

9. Stretch once in a while: stretch your body while standing, sitting, or lying down if sitting in one place for an extreme time. It improves blood circulation and eases any strains or aches.

10. Back support belts: The market has various types of back supports that can help you gain proper posture after surgery.

Your physician will help you to treat your back pain problem once consulted.


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