• Gallstones Diet
    October 21, 2015

    Gallstones are also known as cholelithiasis. Gall stones are the solid particles that are formed from the bile in gall bladder. 80% of the stones formed are cholesterol stones. They may be also the pigment stones which are formed when there is excess bilirubin in the bile. Even mixed stones (cholesterol + bilirubin is in excess forming stones) are seen in certain cases.

    Principle of diet:

    A low calorie, normal protein, complex carbohydrates, low fat, high fiber, and supplements of fat soluble vitamins (vitamins-A, D, E, K) should be provided.

    • A high diet should be encouraged.
    • As it is a low fat diet fat soluble vitamins should be supplemented.
    • High protein intake increases bilary cholesterol concentration. Hence normal protein should be given. High biological value proteins should be provided.
    • Increased intake of simple sugars in drinks and sweets is associated with gall stones formation. Hence complex carbohydrates should be provided.

    Foods to be included for Gallstones diet:

    Cereals in soft form, cooked rice, chapathi, bread, idli, milk pudding, milk shakes, curds, cooked or pureed vegetables, kichidi, porridges, pulses, beans, lean meat, fruits, fruit juices, fish and chicken, soft cooked egg white can be given.

    Milk Shakes should be included for gallstones diet

    Milk Shake

    Foods to be avoided for Gallstones diet:

    Fried foods, butter, ghee, egg yolk, buffalo milk (as it contains more fat), baked foods, ice creams, fast foods, roots and tubers, fruits like banana and chiku(as they are rich sources of carbohydrates).

    banana should be avoided for gallstones diet


    Sample diet for Gallstones:

    Early morning Skimmed milk1 glass
    Breakfast Kichidi
    2 katori
    1 no.
    Mid morning Guava 1 no.
    Lunch Rice
    Green gram dhal
    Beans curry
    2 katori
    1 katori
    1 katori
    Tea time Tea
    Wheat upma
    1 cup
    Dinner Rice
    Palak dhal
    Brinjal curry
    Veg salad
    2 katori
    1 no.
    1 katori
    1 katori
    Bed time Butter milk1 glass

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