5 effective herbal teas for weight loss


Teas have been touted as healthy beverages since ancient times. The traditional milky tea has long been replaced by health infusing herbal teas to aid weight loss.

Surprising? Your daily cuppas can help you lose weight and stay fit while melting away stubborn belly fat.

These teas are enriched with multiple health benefits, which is why you can find many tempting alternatives, such as edibles Canada.

They are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, which result in several benefits for the human body.

Green tea

Green tea has been the favorite health beverage for many over the years.

It has antioxidants called Catechin and a compound called EGCG or Epigallocatechin that boosts your metabolism and reduces fat.

Two cups of refreshing green tea a day can promote weight loss and improve heart health in just three months.

This tea is popular as it is readily available and has been known to reduce belly fat and change the fat gene’s expression over some time.

Green tea can be brewed plain or with a stick of cinnamon or dried mint leaves or even taken with a dash of lemon to improve taste and nutritive values.

You can get a variety of flavored green tea in the market too. Just dip your tea bag in a cup of hot water or brew in a teapot for the best results.

Oolong Tea

The Chinese Oolong tea is the new favorite of the weight watchers. It is a variety that falls between the black and the green range of tea. Oolong tea has been proven to promote thermogenesis.

The body is programmed to burn energy to produce heat, and thermogenesis increases the body’s capacity to do so.

New fat cells are kept at bay. New research from Japan shows that the metabolism boost within two hours after drinking Oolong tea is almost 10%.

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is a spice that is slightly sweet and has a fire to it too.

Cinnamon tea, when taken early in the morning on an empty stomach, can provide health-boosting benefits, such as assisting in weight loss, improving the person’s heart rate, and even reducing inflammation in different parts of the body.

It not only helps in weight loss but also helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels. It is available in the form of teabags, but if you are so inclined, you can brew your cup with ease.

Boil a cup of water, add about half a teaspoon of crushed cinnamon and boil it for a few minutes to infuse. Strain and add a teabag if you so choose.

If you find it a little sharp for your liking, you can add a few drops of honey to make it more palatable and healthy. Sip it hot while soaking in the morning sun to help melt away fat.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is a spice that can aid in weight loss. You can make it delicious by adding some milk to the tea.

Also, the said ginger tea is known to have immense health benefits for the human body, such as relieving motion sickness, getting relief for nausea, morning sickness, etc.

Thus, it is advisable to consume ginger tea daily.

You can make this tea in different ways—steep ground ginger in boiling water for a few minutes.

Add a dash of lemon and some honey. And, you have ginger lemon tea at your disposal.

Alternatively, you can add other spices live cardamom, clove, and cinnamon to make the brew healthier and boost your weight loss.

Add any sweetener of your choice and sip the fat away.

Peppermint Tea

The best of the lot is perhaps peppermint tea, as it works in various ways to promote fat loss.

The hot tea fastens digestion, and this, in turn, reduces bloating and water retention.

When food is digested optimally, it also helps the body utilize calorific inputs in a better manner.

The smell of mint can reduce sugar cravings and make you less likely to eat calorie-dense foods.

The light and refreshing tea help you cut sugary foods out of your diet to avoid weight gain.

A hot cup of aromatic peppermint tea after a meal will help you lose weight and fast.

All you need is a peppermint tea bag or a green tea bag infused with peppermint to get you started. If you want to make your tea, it is easy to do that too.

Just crush some dried mint leaves and infuse in boiling water.

Add lemon and honey to taste and enjoy a refreshing cup of hot peppermint tea that will improve your mood and health.

Final Thoughts

Tea, in all its forms, promotes weight loss. Other teas like Rosehip tea, Rooibos tea, fermented black tea, and white tea Pu-erh tea all help you lose weight.

Find the one that is most readily available and sip your way to good health.

Thus, if you are also a tea lover, go for these above-mentioned herbal teas and enjoy the superficial taste of herbs mixed with tea leaves.


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