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6 home remedies to get rid of dark lips during winter

6 home remedies to get rid of dark lips during winter

Dark and pigmented lips is an issue the vast majority of the ladies and men confront during winter. Here are the few home remedies to get rid of dark lips you can try without much of a stretch experiment at home.get rid of dark lips

  • Apply lukewarm ghee on lips before going to bed. Do this every night before going to bed as it lightens the lips. Application of olive oil also brings the same results.
  • Lemon is a powerful bleaching agent in healing the dark spots. Squeeze lemon and apply it on lips.remove it after 15 minutes. it can be done few times a day.
  • For the dry lips apply cucumber juice at least twice a day for two months. it makes lips soft and vibrant.
  • Soak almond in water for and peel its skin. Ground it into the paste and add few drops of lemon, rose water .apply this home remedy on lips and clean it after 10 minutes.
  • Take almond oil, honey, and sugar in equal amount. apply this mixture to lips and massage gently for 10 minutes. doing this every day removes the dead cells and make them appear beautiful.
  • Grind few rose petals and add petroleum jelly to it. apply it on lips and remove it after 15 minutes.

Follow above tips to appear more beautiful lips.

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