Top 10 Very Best Organic food selling websites in India

Top 10 Very Best Organic food selling websites in India

 Where to purchase organic food in India online is the numero uno question that is trending in the minds of health conscious.  Indians are becoming more and more aware of the need to consume organic food produced without utilizing modern techniques of cultivation or any chemicals or pesticides.

Identification of Organic Food:  

You can identify organic food by checking the PLU (International Price Look Up System) number that every grocery store has in place for check-out purpose and also to maintain their stock and inventory. 

Each produce item has a small sticker with the PLU number on it.  These numbers will assist in identifying whether the produce is genetically modified or has been grown organically or conventionally.

  • Produce grown organically has a 5 digit number that begins with the number 9.
  • Produce grown conventionally has a 4 digit number that begins with the number 3 or 4.
  • Produce that has been genetically modified has a 5 digit number that begins with the number 8.


To check for organic properties in meat and other products, look at the product label for the USDA Certified Organic seal.  This certification process is not a norm in India yet.

Where to purchase organic food in India online:

The popularity of organic food is trending in India as well as globally.  Globally, organic products are easily available, but India is also not far behind.  Not only can you purchase organic food from leading retail stores, but you can also order them online. 

Organic Food

Here is a list of the top 10 organic food websites from where you can order organic food in India online:


                                                                                         {Top 15 Best Blood Cleansing Foods}

All the above websites give you all the information you need regarding the organic food product, from where they have sourced, its price, etc.  Some of the sites are user friendly whereas some are not.  Most of them have online stores from where you can directly order the products of your preference and it will be delivered or shipped to you.

There is a variation in prices on the different sites.  An FAQ section is also available for customers to give their invaluable feedback regarding products and their delivery.  Some of the websites acts as online shopping pages to sell their products in leading supermarkets and stores.

Popular online grocery chains like bigbasket, naturebasket and amazon also sell organic food products online.

Mygreekart offers not only organic food products, but it also has a wide range of organic cosmetics, beauty products, and organic hair care products to choose from.

Conclusion:  All these organic food brands get their products directly from their sources or producers.  Some of them cultivate their own products.  They also provide shipping services and ship products based on international standards.




  • Pranjal
    1 month ago
    We have so many online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Bakset, etc. from where we shop for the grocery items for household. But ask yourself a question whether all of them are good enough in terms of keeping up with our health as priority? Certainly not! But surely knows how to infuse flavor with health and make your meal wholesome.
  • Pranjal
    2 months ago
    Lately, Organic food has been taking over the world because of the health interest. is one such online grocery selling platform from where you can purchase 100% organics food items without any issue or complaint.
  • Alka Ranaut
    3 months ago
    Ordering food online is very easy but then we cannot be 100% if the food items we have ordered, are genuine and pure. It is very less a chance that we receive true and organic products. But not anymore, Natureland Organics is making sure to provide us with excellent nutritive value and organic food items.
  • Pushpendra Singh
    1 year ago
    I want sale our Organics Products with your Platform.
  • Ritaban Paul
    1 year ago
    Double Good Organics, has some best millets need to mention that website:

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