About Quinoa for weight Loss-Alternate for rice

About Quinoa for weight Loss-Alternate for rice

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About Quinoa:

Quinoa is also pronounced as “keen-o-wah”. It is completely gluten-free, it is not a cereal grain. a staple food of the Incas.

Quinoa-sacred crop, it also called as ”mother of all grain”.

When to take Quinoa:

Quinoa is versatile it blends with other foods. perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.It helps to lose weight.

About Quinoa for weight Loss

Health Benefits of Quinoa:

Quinoa has high fiber content, Low GI(Glycemic Index) and has more calcium than milkThe antioxidants in quinoa may help to combat heart disease and cancer. Quinoa is a complete protein.it has rich anti-inflammatory compounds and high in Dietary Fibre.

Types of Quinoa:

White, red and black are the three main types of quinoa.

White quinoa has the most neutral flavor.

How to use Quinoa:

Saponin coatings should be removed by soaking and then rinsing.

Saponin is naturally occurring plant chemicals.

Saponins found in quinoa has toxins; so if no removed may result in stomach upsets.

Note: Quinoa can benefit thyroid issues as it is gluten-free 

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  • Gargi Roy
    2 years ago
    Quinoa contains twice the fibre than other grains which keeps you full for longer time, thus prevents from overeating. Due to which quinoa helps in reducing weight. My sister was overweight so she started eating <a href="https://www.true-elements.com/quinoa">True Elements Quinoa</a> . It is really effective for weight loss. You will see results gradually.

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