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Have you seen elite athletes like boxers and body trainers skipping at the start of their workout? These people consider skipping the cornerstone of their workout routine because it makes your body burn calories faster. Moreover, skipping is much more fun than doing cardio on the machine for more than an hour.

Benefits of Skipping

Burns Calories

It burns calories very fast. It has been found that if you continue to jump for around one hour, you can lose up to 1000 calories as compared to 200 to 300 calories that are burnt when you walk for one hour.

Lately, slow and high-density jumping is effectively mixed to obtain better results and burn more calories.

Easy to Carry

You can easily carry jumping rope anywhere without adding any extra bulk or weight to your luggage. It can be carried out anywhere without any need for particular equipment.

Just take out your handy jumping rope from the bag and start jumping to carry out your daily requirement of exercise.

Improves Coordination and Balance

Jumping rope increases your coordination, which in turn helps to excel your performance in other sports and keep you healthier.

Improved coordination also means you become less prone to accidents and thus can lead a life without any injury.

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Relaxes You

When you jump, the body releases a stimulant known as endorphins, which is a natural analgesic that keeps your relaxed and develops a feeling of well being within you. The deep breathing caused due to skipping sharpens your concentration and keeps you energized throughout the day.

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