Summer is already around the corner and how to cool the body in summer is something everyone is willing to know about. The increasing heat and rise in temperature are taking its toll. We almost melt during the peak hours of the day and body including the mind becomes exhausted and heated up by the end of the day.

There are various ways through which one can keep themselves cool. Air conditioning is not the healthy option though but you can use it occasionally. People who do not have air condition also have tricks to keep themselves cool and chilled this summer. Read on to know more.

Ways to cool the body in summer

Cold water shower during summer is good for keeping the body cool

Spray water bottle: staying indoor has only become so tiring and uncontrollable because of the heat, then imagine how people would manage going out and to work under the scorching sun. This is one of the best way to keep the body cool this summer and chill around.

All that you will have to do is fill a spray bottle with cold water or keep it in the refrigerator ready.

Once you go out or come home after a long tiring day, you can just take the bottle and spray some cold water on your face. This will freshen you and you will feel cool.

Cotton clothes for summer: wearing soft pure cotton clothes will keep you cool this summer. Cotton clothes for cooling down the body will help you a lot. If you happen to wear synthetic clothes or any other material, there won’t be fresh air passing through it and you will feel hot. Cotton helps to circulate air and it will make you feel comfortable, cool and relaxed.

Water and water and more water! Drinking water will help the body to cool down. Water will cool the body and will make you feel calm and relaxed.  The electrolytes that are present in the water will help keep your body hydrated and this will help in relaxing and cooling the body.

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Sleep like an Egyptian: wondering how? This is just as simple as sleeping on an open corridor or terrace. You need to dampen the bed sheets and use it as blankets. If you have damped the sheet too much and if you see water dripping, then use another dry towel or sheet and then use the damp sheet on that. This will keep you cool throughout the night.

Loose clothes: no matter where you go and no matter what you wear, make sure the clothes are loose enough. Loose clothes will cool the body due to the ventilation and also the circulation of the air. So next time you open wardrobe and pull out a tight fitting dress, throw it away and pick up the most comfortable and loose dress. This will not only look classy, it will also make you feel comfortable in the summer days.

Artificial air conditioner: do you know how to make the artificial air condition? Do you remember the days back in our childhood, when we used to play with the ice cubes and that was our only fridge? Try this simple trick. You will be amazed by the results. Place a pan (a shallow pan) filled with ice cubes in front of the fan, a table fan in particular.

The tiny droplets of water that forms on the cubes will be taken away by the air that comes from the fan making the air cooler and feels like the air conditioner.

Take shower: you can take shower as many time as you want. The moment you feel hot or you feel the humidity is increasing, go stand under the shower. Let the water run on your body and decrease the heat. This actually works and cold water shower during summer is actually very good for keeping the body cool. 

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