Can first time sex can cause pregnancy?

Can first time sex can cause pregnancy?

Did you know that first-time sex can cause pregnancy? Read on to know more. If you think only women who are married and have sex can become pregnant then you are absolutely wrong.

A girl, even if she has not attended the age of puberty and would not have got her first menstrual period, she either has the same chances of becoming pregnant as the other women.

It is because she might have ovulated and the eggs in her would have become fertile and this would be main basis on which she has more chances of becoming pregnant. So it is quite clear that the first time sex can cause pregnancy.

How does pregnancy happens?

It all depends on the ovulation of the eggs in the ovary that decides whether you would become pregnant or not. Pregnancy happens when the man and the women have sex and do intercourse and during this time the male sperm meets the female egg.

This results in pregnancy. It is as simple as this. But in many cases it becomes very complicated and there are women who have been trying from ages to become pregnant and it has all been in vain.

first time sex can cause pregnancy?

Pregnancy Happens without sex too!

If a girl or a boy who are not even adults, have sex and even if the boy ejaculates outside the vagina and not in the girl's vagina, there are chances of the girl becoming pregnant even then.

It is because the sperm is alive for the next 24 hours after it is ejaculated and if it comes in contact with the vagina and travels through the fallopian tubes and finds the female egg that is fertile and ovulated, there are greater chances of pregnancy then.

The sperms even if it has not met the female egg remain in the fallopian tube for the next two to three days and the chances of pregnancy becomes more during those days. Even if the man and the woman did not have any intercourse but the woman just ovulated and there was a female egg that came out, then they unite and pregnancy just happens.

Birth Control Methods :

Now that one knows, first-time sex can cause pregnancy, it is always suggested to opt for the birth control methods.

If the first time sex is done with all the prevention and the safety measure then there are reduced chances of pregnancy and the conceiving of the baby can be ruled out easily by the women. The birth control method could be effective if it is used and implemented in a proper way and as it is directed. The safety methods could be using the condoms, or having the birth control pill, or using the copper.

The condoms can be used for protecting the women from becoming pregnant. But if the condom is of low quality, it would be of no use using it. The pills for the birth control should be consumed after consulting with a general physician. The copper can also be used for protecting oneself from becoming pregnant.

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