Rose flowers are considered as "queen" among other flowers. They are considered the most beautiful flowers. Roses come in different colors, shapes and sizes and have amazing fragrances that can match with any occasion. Apart from their beauty, these flowers are known to have medicinal properties. Rose hips are berry shaped and reddish in color and contain most of the benefits of rose benefits of rose flower

These are some of the Benefits of Rose Flower

Rose hip oil

Rose hip (seedpod of the flower) oil comes from the crushed seeds suspended in a carrier oil.

There are many commercial preparations available from many sources, but you can make it at home by combining rose fruit and almond oil and cooking it in a slow cooker.

The traditional uses of rose hips include treatment for arthritis, cold and flu, bladder stones and indigestion. Rose hips are also used as an ingredient in making jams, jellies, and even wine.

Benefits of rose hip

Rose hips contain a considerable amount of Vitamin C along with bioflavonoid substances and essential fatty acids. The oil made from extraction process is important in medical and spa treatments.

The oil might help people suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Some of the other rose hip preparations contribute in treating bladder and kidney problems, stomach-related complaints, high cholesterol and can aid in weight loss.Benefits of Rose Flower oil

Cosmetic benefits

The other benefits of rose flower are its cosmetic value. The cosmetic powers of the rose hip are very popular. Those looking for natural skin care and natural hair care prefer rose hips for their treatment. The natural oil of rose hip contains natural skin friendly components along with Vitamin A.

It can help in healing scars and is often used as a natural moisturizer. Healing the skin from sun damage and in rectifying discoloration and reducing wrinkles are some of the benefits of rose flower.

Therapy benefits

Apart from all these, rose oil is used to boost confidence, self-esteem, and mental strength. It also helps in fighting depression due to its anti-depressant properties. The oil is largely used in aromatherapy to involve relaxation and positive thoughts.

Magical rose water

Rose water also has a significant involvement in aromatherapy as the aroma of rose water stimulates senses and provides relaxation. The other uses of rose water are that it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory tonic and can heal sunburns and skin allergies.

A dash of rose water in lemonade will work wonders on a disturbed gastric system. It can also be served as a summer refreshment drink. Mix a few cap fuls of rose water in your bath water to feel fresh and rejuvenated.

One of the uses of rose water is it can also be used in homemade face packs as a toner. Rose water itself acts as a toner when applied to the face directly. To get rose water in its purest form, you can make it at home, although it is time-consuming and tedious.

The beauty of roses is undeniable. It is also a powerhouse of health benefits. Its beautiful aroma and its beautiful petals tend to draw us towards them. But underneath all this beauty is where the actual benefits of rose flower lie.

It is very rare that a person can have an allergy from rose fragrance or rose water. Hence, individuals with high sensitivity to fragrance or exotic aroma should consult their caregiver first before using rose hip oil or rose water.

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