How much time you dedicate towards brushing your teeth decides the health of your teeth. Although this may seem surprising experts believe that you should brush your teeth for at least 120 seconds or 2 minutes every time you brush to keep them clean.

Most adults do not brush for that long and that is the main reason why they have to take an appointment with the dentist. Using a stopwatch for ensuring that you are brushing for the exact time is a good idea.

Getting the Basics Right

To brush your teeth properly, use gentle short strokes and be careful about the gumline, areas around the crown, filings and the back teeth. Make sure that you brush your tongue for fresher breath.

Steps to brush your teeth properly

Steps to Brush your teeth properly

Whether you are brushing the right way depends upon the way you hold your brush. Here is a stepwise guide to ensure that you brush properly:

  1. Brush your inner and outer surfaces first and keep the angle of the brush at 45 degree short. Brush with half-tooth wide enough strokes against the line of the gum. While doing so ensure that your brush is reaching the back teeth.
  2. Move the brush on the chewing surfaces holding the brush flat. Move the brush back and forth on these surfaces.
  3. While brushing the inside of the teeth, tilt the toothbrush vertically. Gently brush the inside teeth with up and down strokes using the tip of the brush.
  4. Lastly, brush the tongue with back and front motion to remove any attached morsels or food particles so that you eliminate the bacteria causing bad breath.

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Dr. Kadiyala Vamsi Krishna B.D.S

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