How to increase breast size naturally?

How to increase breast size naturally?


Pondering about the ways how to increase breast size naturally? Then you are in the right niche to get the required information. Increasing breast size is probably a known issue among several women. There are many women across the globe, who are seeking a solution that helps them in improving their look and feel.

There are many things that an individual need to consider when it comes to increasing the breast size. There are fat injections, surgical options and natural options to increase the size. It is vital for an individual to decide which option would be the right choice for them.

How to increase breast size

How to increase breast size naturally?

Now, let's begin with quick tips on how to increase breasts size naturally and gain the confidence

1. Milk

Milk products and butter ingredients play a vital role in increasing breast size naturally. Whole milk is rich in fat and breast tissues are made of fat, which individuals can obtain from fatty food.

2. Soya Beans & Soya Milk

It is a known fact that Soya Milk is rich in protein, High in isoflavones, it mimics estrogen & thus indeed assists in increasing breast size.

3. Papaya

Papaya is helpful in increasing the size of the breast.

4. Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is considered to be a hormone-regulating herb for both men and women. It is considered an amazing breast enhancement property.

5. Fenugreek Seeds:

Many of you might never be heard about this, fenugreek (methi) has enough amount of Phyto(plant) estrogen & diosgenin that boost prolactin hormone and help in breast growth. Individuals can also make a paste of these seeds & massage them on their breasts.

Also, Fenugreek sprouts are good for breast growth as it contains more amount of diosgenin.

However, pregnant women are not suggested to use fenugreek as it can result in premature uterine contractions.

6. Fennel Seeds:

This also plays a vital role in breast growth. Chew fennel or use its paste or powder in meals. It is easily available & as it is a herb, it has minimal side effects.

7. Flax Seeds:

Affluent in Phytoestrogen, Flaxseed is a herb used in the Northern East of India. It's an amazing herb that helps in increasing bust size naturally with ample satisfaction.

Alongside herbal ingredients and home remedies, yoga is also the best answer for the query like how to increase breast size naturally.

Yoga For Breas Size Increase 

Breast Yoga:

This is an easy way to increase breast size. Yoga also assists with lifting up sagging boobs.

Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana:

It is one of the best asanas for breast enlargement.

Double Angle Pose or Dwikonasan:

It's quite an active pose for breast size enhancement naturally at home.

The Camel Pose or Ushtasana

It's a flexible yoga pose with various health benefits subsuming endocrine, lymphatic, digestion, skeletal circulatory & respiration systems and it also helps in reducing fat from arms and thighs!!

Other poses or asana such as Stabdhasan,gowmukhasan

Are Natural remedies not working?
If natural remedies aren't having the desired effect you may want to consider looking into breast procedures provided by a medical professional.

Other Procedures 

Apart from natural ingredients, home remedies & yoga, one can also go for micro-needling breasts, and see the desired changes in breast cup sizes that any conventional breast lift surgery can achieve. 


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    Amazing article. Thanks for sharing. New moms need to take care of plenty of things. They don’t have to just follow the norms for their own health but for the baby’s health as well.
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