How to Remove Blackheads and Scars Using Lemon Juice

Blackheads and scars can make your face unattractive and ugly. Blackheads and scars are usually formed on oily skin, especially among youngsters. Excess of oil can be the result of hormonal changes during adolescence or due to lack of proper hygiene.

The best way to protect against the onset of blackheads and scars causing acne and pimples is to maintain a regular cleansing routine. A natural cleanser is much better than the chemical cleansers available in the market.

How to Remove Blackheads Naturally

Natural therapies and treatments do not cause any side effects and also gradually remove deep and narrow scars formed due to different types of acne. Although acne scars are very difficult to remove, you can always lighten their appearance and can certainly eliminate the scars formed due to blackheads.

Lemon Juice Treatment

Cut a lemon in quarters. Take one quarter and rub it on the affected areas of your face or even body such as thighs and hips, which are the prime zones where blackheads are formed.

Try this remedy every day for a few days and you will find a visible reduction in the frequency of blackhead and scar formation. Lemon is acidic in nature and the astringent present in the lemon juice naturally loosens the skin due to which the blackheads easily come out.

Sometimes, when you start using lemon juice the breakout might increase however, within three weeks you will observe less appearance of acne and blackheads.

Drinking lemon juice simultaneously with the topical application enhances the effect as lemon juice has excellent healing properties.

Along with lemon water for fair skin, you must eat a proper diet. sufficient water and consult your physician for proper treatment 

Sometimes lemon water can give side effects so be aware of that 

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