When you eat spicy food, especially that has strong flavors such as raw onions or garlic then, you need something refreshing that can get rid of the bad breath that is caused due to such strongly aromatic food.

If you observe carefully, you will find that almost all the mouth fresheners and oral sprays are loaded with one common ingredient, which is the mint or pudina.

However, these artificial mouth fresheners or chewing gums also contain harmful chemicals and can cause side effects. Hence, the best way to eliminate bad breath is to use natural ways.

Mentha or Mint

Mint or pudina is scientifically also termed as Mentha and is a herb that has been used for healing and treating different diseases and ailments.

It has remarkable medicinal properties, germicidal qualities, and quickly eliminates bad breath.

It limits the growth of harmful bacteria present within the mouth and cleans up the bacteria and germs that are hidden behind within the teeth and around the tongue.

The juice of mint seeps through all the corners and gaps of the teeth and inhibits the growth of bad breath causing bacteria that are known to multiply faster and cause further teeth problems such as cavities and infection.

This is the main reason why you can see most of the mouthwashes, toothpaste, and various other dental hygiene products using mentha as their main ingredient.

How to use Mint?

The best way to use mint is to chew it raw and fresh. Just take a sprig of mint and slowly chew it. Make sure that you chew using all your teeth so the menthe juice reaches all the corners of your mouth and efficiently eliminates hidden bacteria.

Drinking raw mint tea or adding a bit of salt to the mint sprig enhances the effect as salt is also good for oral health.

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