Is this Fruit 1000 Times Stronger Than Chemo?Know More About Laxman Phal

Is this Fruit 1000 Times Stronger Than Chemo?Know More About Laxman Phal

If anyone tells you that there is a fruit 1000 times stronger than chemo you will not believe it. Cancer is a dreadful disease and most of the times are fatal.

It takes away the quality of life and despite so many researches and progress in medical sciences, man has not been able to gain complete control of this one disease. But it seems nature had the answer to it all the time in the form of Laxman Phal.

A study performed more than a quarter of a century ago revealed that the seeds of the SourSop consist of amazing cancer-fighting potential. Many medical experts in those days considered it as a major breakthrough and looked towards it as a miracle.

Unfortunately, very few really continued work on this fruit 1000 times stronger than chemo which is why mankind still do not have a complete health treatment that includes potential benefits of this natural cancer killer.

Findings related to cancer benefits of Laxman phal or Graviola fruit 

Laxman Phal or Graviola Fruit

The "Journal of Natural Products" reported in 1996 that Compound 1 extracted from the Graviola or the Laxman Phal seed is selectively cytotoxic to the colon adenocarcinoma cells.

The research insisted that this particular compound has 10,000 times potency of adriamycin. On the other hand, adriamycin does not have the ability to distinguish between cancer cells and healthy cells. That is why the compound is considered highly dangerous.

Even then, it has been used for more than half a century to treat a wide range of cancers. However, now researchers are looking out for a natural cancer killer and the recent studies indicate that Laxman phal can be the answer to it. In 1999 a cell study showed that the SourSop showed anti-prostate cancer and anti-breast cancer activity.

Another study conducted in 2002 indicated that Graviola exhibits anti-liver cancer (hepatoma) activity. So the legend that it is a fruit 1000 times stronger than chemo does have some authenticity.

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Promising research related to breast cancer

In 2011, "Nutrition and Cancer", the journal revealed that there was a positive connection between breast cancer cure and graviola. It was found that the extract of Laxman Phal or Graviola fruit extract (GFE) has the ability to suppress the cancer-causing gene or so-called oncogene expression in the body cells.

The research was conducted in the animal models with breast cancer. It is a known fact that the epidermal growth factor receptor (EFGR) is more often over-expressed in breast cancer. Hence, this natural cancer killer can be the right prescription for its treatment.

Some special facts about fruit 1000 times stronger than chemo

Nearly 25 years ago it was found that the leaf of the SourSop tree had the ability to restrict abnormal cell division which is the main cause of cancer.

  • The cytotoxic compounds in Graviola destroy the cancerous cells with 100% precision without doing any harm to healthy cells.
  • The "National Cancer Institute" confirms that the active compounds of the tree attack and completely destroy the cancer cells.
  • These compounds have been found to be highly effective in treating different types of cancer including prostate, breast, colon, pancreatic and lung cancers.
  • The "Catholic University of South Kore" and "Journal of Natural Products" have confirmed these reports.
  • According to Purdue University, tumors that were resistant to even chemo treatments responded to the active compounds in the leaves of Laxman Phal.

Even though Graviola is a fruit 1000 times stronger than chemo, its use should be carried out under medical supervision only. Pregnant women and others with feeble health should avoid the use of Laxman Phal or leaves extract.

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